09 global thin film solar cell production capacity or over 300% growth rate

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09 global thin film solar cell production capacity or over 300% growth rate

Materials used in solar cells based on different solar cell can be divided into: silicon solar cells, multi-compound thin film solar cells. Among them, the development of silicon solar cell is the most mature, dominant in the application. However, as in the past few years, the international spot price of polysilicon soaring, once from 35 in 2005 U.S. dollars / kg rising to 480 in 2008 U.S. dollars / kg, so inexpensive thin-film batteries have been developed rapidly.

Investment Advisor in the latest release of "2009-2012 China Solar Photovoltaic Industry Analysis and Forecast of Investment Report" shows that in 2008 the global thin film solar cell production reached 892MW, an increase of 123%, while in 2007, the global thin film solar cell production to 400MW, 181MW in 2006 also increased over 120%.

Into 2009, the global thin film solar cell development continues unabated. August 11 market research firm DisplaySearch solar cell production capacity in Q3 and the trend of quarterly data that the 2009 global thin film solar cell production capacity will reach 3.58GW. Comparison of this data can be drawn, in 2009 the global growth rate of thin film solar cell production capacity will exceed 300%. Investment Advisor in the new energy industry, chief researcher Jiang Qian pointed out that thin film solar cells again shows the strong development momentum, which is mainly due to the cost of business for the thin film battery further decline and further enhance the conversion efficiency of the tremendous confidence.

Leading enterprises in the global film First Soalr Investor Conference held recently, said its 2014 plan of cadmium telluride (CdTe) thin film solar cell module manufacturing costs per watt will reach 0.52 to 0.63 dollars per watt than the current cost of about $ 0.93 30 ~ 40% decline in conversion efficiency of 10.9% from the current move up to 12.5%, 1.6 percentage points increase.

In the second, led by companies to join the enthusiastic and thin film solar cells, one from a domestic point of view, July 1, Heyuan City, Guangdong Province and Chinese energy holding group for the construction of solar photovoltaic manufacturing base for research and development cooperation agreement, expected in 2012 completion of 14 photovoltaic solar cell production lines to form a 1,000-megawatt thin film solar cell production capacity, annual production value of over a hundred billion. And after a lapse of one day, from Taiwan and the United States a hundred Weinai all United Technologies Investment Co., Ltd. invested 98 million U.S. dollars of the thin film solar cell projects located in Yangzhou Development Zone.


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