74 percent would buy an electric car

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74 percent would buy an electric car

According to a recent study by the Association for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technology (VDE) were 74 percent of 14 - to 19-year-old buy an electric car. In the 20 to 34 years old consumers, 69 percent would consider an electric car purchase. The age group would be over age 30 also willing to buy such a car and that 64 percent of respondents. The electric car would be employed here as a first car for the road. Of the respondents 64 percent of the battery of their electric cars would fill up at home, at 21 percent of the gas station, 6 percent and 4 percent while shopping at work.

At the time the tank just under 60 percent expect a maximum of four hours and less than two hours, 50 percent of respondents want to wait. The current time is fuel for 51 percent of fundamental importance. In terms of the range found 53 percent a distance of less than 300 kilometers on one charge acceptable. A driving range from 450 to 1000 kilometers is required by 31 percent of survey participants. The study in 1000 consumers about electric vehicles have been interviewed.


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