863 should support the development of lead-acid battery technology

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863 should support the development of lead-acid battery technology

Recently, the U.S. President Barack Obama announced 2.4 billion dollars funding 48 projects to support the development of the United States, "the next generation of battery and electric car" production, including lead-acid batteries, were arranged $ 34,300,000 and $ 32,500,000 to support the two companies Lead the development of "super cells" project. Remarkably, the plan does not mention hydrogen batteries and fuel cells.

Academician Yu-Sheng Yang called it "a monk from the Scriptures", to move China's "Buddha", is no longer biased against lead-acid batteries should be solid support for a lead-acid batteries. Academician Yang suggested that China's 863 plan should be clear support for lead-acid "super batteries", not hesitation. To this end, he suggested the Government to produce 45 million yuan (equivalent to U.S. 1 / 10), support the 2,3-producing - research portfolio, coupled with 1:1 matching funds of enterprises, with two years to develop lead-acid "Super Battery" and capacitance of carbon, and formed a certain scale of production capacity. This is to address the financial crisis, the best one of the measures to stimulate domestic demand.

Lithium is the future direction of development, but the technology still needs to be improved

Academician Yang that lithium is a good direction, but we must first solve the problem of security and compliance rates.

The safety of lithium has been concern for everyone. 2009 cell phone lithium battery exploded in China, 7, 3 people died, technically speaking, mobile phone lithium battery is relatively simple, with no serial, parallel problems. It is understood that the energy of lithium is probably the phone 2wh, according to international statistics, one ten-millionth the probability of an explosion, but a bus is probably the energy of lithium batteries 20 million wh, if you press the number of hours and mobile phone Li-watt cells compared to the probability of explosion may be one per cent, which can not be ignored. Lithium battery industry is to really solve the security problem, otherwise the consequences will be unimaginable. In the end is pretty important, or important to safety, industry professionals should pay attention.

The second problem is the passing rate of lithium batteries. In addition to large-capacity lithium-ion battery technology to enhance, but also further enhance the rate of quality.

The most energy saving electric car

Bottleneck in the development of electric vehicles is the concept, rather than simply technology. In various types of electric vehicles, the biggest advantage of pure electric vehicles: one without oil, 1 million electric cars per day to replace 1 million tons of gasoline; Second, pollution-free; Third, all costs (purchase price + energy prices ) may be lower than fuel vehicles; Fourth, simple, non-oil and water, use, and easy maintenance; Fifth, the battery can be used at night cheap "Valley Electric" and the existing power line charging, not only to promote the "Valley Electric" (mainly nuclear power and wind power), for the grid "distributed peaking", but also save a lot of funding for building energy storage power station.

Leapfrog China should give priority to the development of a single charge can travel 150-200 kilometers of pure electric vehicles.

In addition, the used battery electric vehicles have a variety of development, all kinds of batteries to be "beyond the exhibition and fair competition."


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