A button battery 600 tons of water can be contaminated

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A button battery 600 tons of water can be contaminated

"One battery is a rot in the ground, can make 1 square meter of soil permanent loss of use value; a button battery 600 tons of water can be contaminated, the water equivalent of the amount of one's life." Recently, the used batteries pollution in the major topic of microblogging, the forum was widely disseminated, some call for the collection of used batteries, also known as national ministries have already sent a file is no longer advocated recovered. What we used batteries, to close or not close it?

Students are pouring cold water recycling used batteries

Recycling of waste batteries that are not unfamiliar to us. Many people still remember the state has vigorously advocated, we should place special recycling used batteries box. Now, the city is still a lot of volunteer groups will work as a recycling of used batteries, part of the district of Shenzhen, is the school's recycling bins have been placed on the most prominent position.

However, students are confronted with a Tingting trouble, she told reporters: "Our school in Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town, schools have used batteries in the trash, but no one has to clean up, a recent clean aunt poured out directly to the used batteries and the general throw away garbage mixed together, which will not pollute the environment? there I want to know the Shenzhen special place recycling these used batteries. "

Reporters interviewed found that many communities, waste battery recycling box is useless. Flowers Road Wal-Mart have a large door bins, but which is not used batteries but ordinary garbage.

Question on recycling used batteries, in online forums have always been people in the discussion, but the focus is not controversial that no one handle used batteries, but does not advocate the collection of national ministries already. This time, so many people feel enthusiastic about environmental protection has been poured cold water. If you do not waste battery recycling, why it set up recycling bins? Does the pollution problem of used batteries is fabricated it?

Used batteries pollution is really an alarmist?

Shenzhen Environmental Protection Bureau official said, due to the normal mercury content higher disposable batteries, if thrown away not only causes environmental damage, and there may be a threat to human lives. But with the production technology improvement, and now the batteries are basically no mercury or low mercury pollution is relatively much smaller, so you can with ordinary waste. In fact, in 2003, the State Environmental Protection Division (formerly the Environmental Protection Agency) on a number of departments jointly issued a notice, not to encourage recycling disposable batteries.

Then later you can just throw used batteries it? In fact not so simple. It is understood that, although not to promote recycling disposable batteries, but the nickel-cadmium, nickel metal hydride, lithium ion, lead acid batteries, rechargeable batteries, and button batteries are still being recovered as a key project. Pointed out above, because these cells are rich in heavy metals or active chemicals such as cadmium is very toxic, carcinogenic and harmful to renal function directly; under high temperature lithium batteries in general will become particularly unstable , explosive fire.

But who is responsible for such battery recycling? Ministry of Environmental Protection have a clear requirement, manufacturers, importers, the use of such batteries manufacturers, and the battery should bear the trademark holder responsibility for recycling these batteries. At the same time Ministry of Environmental Protection suggested that such relevant persons responsible for recovery, recovery system should be set up in the sales office set up separate collection point. Today, mobile phones and other digital products are based on nickel-metal hydride or lithium-ion batteries, ready to waste when no longer used, it should send back the battery inside the sales office or service center.

common method of disposal of batteries

Discard disposable batteries would have a direct

Daily use of the largest, mainly carbon and alkaline two, Ministry of Environmental Protection would have a direct drop, do not advocate the collection of concentration caused by improper handling or to avoid secondary pollution. Also, consider switching to more economical and environmentally friendly rechargeable batteries.

Rechargeable batteries can be returned to service center

Mainly nickel-cadmium, nickel metal hydride and lithium-ion three. Ni-Cd has now been eliminated, replaced by a nickel-metal hydride rechargeable batteries. Lithium-ion is mainly used in mobile phones and other digital products. Ministry of Environmental Protection proposed the establishment of recycling systems by the business to focus on. Consumers can return used batteries to such sales office or service center.


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