A revolutionary breakthrough in micro-battery technology

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A revolutionary breakthrough in micro-battery technology

This battery named Thinergy Micro-Energy Cell (THINERGY MEC), professional name called solid film battery inventor a called Infinite Power Solutions (IPS) U.S. private technology enterprise

Just present this just miniature batteries used special areas example mounted pacemaker inside. Its electricity enough support a ordinary phone.

But technology rapid development maybe this technology applied ordinary battery. "WSJ" that said, THINERGY MEC let traditional battery history new technology

"Thumb" girl

THINERGY MEC First attractive is its looks.

Now available smallest models THINERGY MEC only stamps size: square 3cm thickness less 0.2 mm.

While will season launch smaller 1st THINERGY MEC samples can become "thumb" girl - square 1.5 cm thickness still less 0.12 mm. Looks like thumb nails general.

Small but THINERGY MEC internal excluding liquid or organic polymer electrolyte contain any heavy or toxic chemicals ultrathin and Flexible package.

Lightweight stable nature makes can deep embed and laminated to PCB other materials.

Single Take computer, if each disk chip embedded it that power burden obviously easier.

Magic function

Although THINERGY MEC appearance chic but functions have very powerful.

Traditional battery broadly divided two: Battery disposable batteries. Battery general based life long and reused rate been majority electronic manufacturers loved while disposable battery is based high electricity as characteristics

THINERGY MEC then concurrently above two characteristics It can charge can maintain high electricity.

THINERGY MEC minutes can complete charging rather leakage rate low annually loss only 1% life exceed decade. Now test results if 100% depth discharge circumstances, THINERGY MEC rechargeable thousand times after also save 80% electricity. Contrast existing battery 50% depth discharge life under only charging 1000 around

Single said recharged multi, THINERGY MEC enough become revolutionary products Amazingly, it can without charging permanent use

Because addition ordinary charging form - Plug outside, THINERGY MEC can also light, RF RF momentum heat into electricity storage.

That If with surroundings energy combined, THINERGY MEC provide permanent electricity and achieve decade above free maintenance operation.

Microelectronics heart

But present, THINERGY MEC yet can everyday electronics consumer fields.

Currently There are four THINERGY MEC, main difference is electricity different Now listed is electricity larger three but biggest electricity But 2.5 mAh. While ordinary 5 battery are 1000mAh above. That, THINERGY MEC design mind not as "bulb" service.

But based volume discharge times, self electricity characteristics, THINERGY MEC very suitable wireless sensor node sik into medical devices, military miniature equipment miniature electronic products also as chip power reserve choice

Hopefully day this battery able only embedded in people pacemaker where also used cookers and hairdryer appliances in.

20 brands and batches of mobile phone battery three percent failed

Yesterday, Zhengzhou City, the Bureau released a batch of 20 brand mobile phone battery and sampling results, six batches of battery failure. The test focuses on whether the battery capacity in line with national standards and, in some special cases the existence of harm to personal safety and other projects. Failure mainly focused on: appearance, high performance, low temperature performance, constant heat performance and free fall and so on.

Currently, the business people have failed the test results delivered goods be detected sample production units and enterprises, and enterprises to produce local administrative departments were informed. Of substandard goods taken off the shelf, temporarily suspend sales and other measures, and further investigation.

LG Chemical Corporation in the United States to build lithium-ion battery manufacturing plant

LG Chemical Company on March 13, 2010, announced in Holland, Michigan, $ 303 million construction investment in lithium-ion battery production plant which has become the company to accept the U.S. Department of Energy resuscitation electric vehicle batteries and components for manufacturing projects to be launched funded part, except with the plan to subsidize the $ 151.4 million start outside, LG Chemical Company invested $ 151.5 million.

The lithium-ion battery manufacturing plant by the LG Chem subsidiary Compact Power Inc. North American operations to peak production, the plant will produce 50,000 to 200,000 paid car batteries stack. The plant will be completely cast volume production in 2012. At first, the production of batteries for the Chevrolet Volt.


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