Acer Aspire One 532g with Ion 2 announced

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Acer Aspire One 532g with "Ion 2 'announced



As part of the Mobile World Congress 2010 in Barcelona is an adaptation of his new Acer Aspire one netbooks 532 announced based on the "Pine Trail-trailer combination. The variant "532g" will be additionally equipped with the "Ion 2" from Nvidia, which acts as a discrete graphics.


Since the integrated graphics of the presented at the end of last year, "Pine Trail-trailer combination in the form of the GMA 3150 compared to the former did not become really potent, is the" Ion 2 "will be offered an alternative. Internally, the new graphics chip will probably be called the GT218, which also includes compatibility for Optimus technology is also used to be guaranteed with GT218 graphics chip from the GeForce G210. This technique also allows the automatic switching between netbook integrated and discrete graphics solution without the intervention of the user. Thus, the balancing act between good performance and long battery life is to be done. The battery life is estimated for the 10-inch netbook promptly with ten hours. In addition to the new Atom N450 and the Ion 2, the other facilities will meet the bulk of the points of netbooks.


With the official product presentation is expected in March, the upcoming CeBIT as the largest trade fair is expected to offer more than for most. About the price is not yet known, it is expected despite additional graphics, but not so far away from the "Pine Trail" notebooks available.


Update 23:34 Clock:


The first video of colleagues from Notebook Italia has found its way into the net. This shows the playback of full HD material on the 10-inch display and the CPU utilization.

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