Battery companies sit still

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Battery companies sit still

The first time we went to Changxing interview, to coincide with a conference - China battery industry access seminar.

In addition to participants from the Ministry of Industry, the China Battery Industry Association and other industry authority figures, but also gathering a lot of the domestic battery industry giants.

"Five years ago, the government than we are anxious to help us develop the industry threshold, money and Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University jointly organized training sessions for the county's private entrepreneurs 'brainwashing' and now we own sit still, set their own threshold, set their own goals. "As the host, who is also Chairman of Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Battery Industry Association chairman Zhang day to day office rather mixed feelings.

Yes, the business than the government urgently. After 2005, Changxing County in addition to the battery industry, for a special regulation, but also for small coal mines, cement shaft kiln, brick Wayao and water-jet looms, fire kilns and other "small" transformation of the industry conducted a comprehensive remediation .

Experienced a flurry type of baptism, the battery industry in Changxing, like "how to do next," "How to sustainable development" and other issues, do not need to persuade the government earnestly.

May 25, the second time we rushed to the Eternal, arrived at the coal town of Changxing Tieying Electric Co., Ltd.. Remediation at the beginning of 2005, this $ 30 million annual sales, but two companies, but also with other peers, talk about environmental bewildered. For the future, general manager Wang Choude Zhengsu sleep all the time.

Today, hard work brings. Last year, the environmental standards of the Iron Eagle's annual sales reached 400 million yuan. Even more critical is that Wang have finally found the battery business transformation road.

"I do the battery energy storage system of solar street light, partners are talking about, the export!" Just taking a seat, a look of excitement Wang are just correspondents explain the doorway: a group of traditional lead-acid batteries the price of 150 yuan about energy storage battery price is at least twice as much. "The industry has long done, first, to environmental protection, it is necessary to innovate, to keep on going up!" He said.

From forced to take the initiative, who are today's changes in Wang also sprout in the regulation of that field in 2005.

"At that time, resolutely eliminate backward production capacity, we have followed a very critical one hand, it is to support the Zhejiang days Group, Zhejiang Jiang Chaowei groups such leading enterprises to speed up bigger and stronger, the first is to promote the 'days to' market . "Changxing county party secretary Liu Guofu recalls.

The hand of a global inventory.

In 2007, the "days" in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, becoming the first overseas listed Huzhou companies. After listing, the "days" not only their own development into an unprecedented rise in the track, become Changxing battery business transformation and upgrading of a big banner.

Take environmental protection and enhancement, in the "days" for investment in environmental protection equipment accounted for 25% of the total investment, today, this standard has become an unwritten Changxing battery industry norm. Wang envy, told reporters, "Iron Eagle" treated sewage can be used to mop the floor, but the "days" of treated water is used to raise flowers, therefore, "must continue to 'days to' learn . "

Lithium is the second lead-acid battery, battery Changxing-scale enterprises aimed at "new cheese." But now, they greatly reduce the chance of detours, the reason is: walk in front of the "days", "AMD" can provide a learning experience.

In the "days" under the Energy Technology Co., Ltd., the reporter saw, lithium battery research and development has entered the pilot phase, began small batch production, full production, annual output is estimated to reach 10 million.

In the "super Viagra", Vice Chairman Zhou Longrui told reporters from the lithium battery research and development in 2007, has so far invested more than 60 million, has more than 180 researchers to participate. Although there is no mass production, but the "super Viagra" the determination and experience to encourage cutting-edge trends keeping with peers.

"The new need to" power up is such a person. In the battery industry, the level of automation is a measure of whether or not advanced an important criterion, "the new need to" production line has reached the semi-automatic, with little difference between the domestic first-class enterprises, small-screen frankly Shen, chairman, said: "This is like 'days can ',' AMD 'learning outcomes. "He said that in the lithium battery research and development, is still in the second tier of the" new need to "follow up strategy is adopted, which is the benefits of industrial clusters, information and experience sharing easier.

Chased, the same leader for the new impetus. Changxing to lead-acid battery-based, almost all used batteries recycled, the recycling industry with natural features. Last year, the "days" decisive investment, according to European technical standards built the most advanced recycling economy demonstration garden. After the completion, not only "days" of China's strongest battery recycling, battery industry will Changxing cleanliness to a new level.

Leader leader, the backbone of follow-up. "This kind of endogenous-oriented, new technologies, new processes in the battery industry, the wave-Changxing offers the possibility to promote and atmosphere, but also the formation of autonomous long-term mechanism to upgrade." Zhejiang Institute of Industrial Economics LAN Jian Dr. Ping case evaluation.

Not only that. Of a modern industrial clusters, the identical product structure has more than 50 companies, no doubt, more often, leading enterprises needs to further develop and expand, and what the next step should be how to get it? Impatient Changxing battery business, already has exceeded the "smaller" open mind.

"I have talked with several companies the possibility of mergers and restructuring, they are agreed, which should in the past, simply inconceivable!" Zhou Longrui said excitedly.


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