Battery industry calls for policies to support the early introduction of

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Battery industry calls for policies to support the early introduction of

Recently, energy conservation under the State Council special meeting with the spirit of new energy vehicles, to promote the new energy automotive industry in the domestic battery industry, the Ministry convened a related upstream and downstream enterprises, research institutions, held the battery industry forum. It is reported that the Ministry of the organizations to develop battery development ideas, and is expected from the industrial policy, financial subsidies, tax incentives and other aspects of the domestic battery industry to be great support.

Investment Advisor in the new energy industry researcher Li Sheng-mao noted that in 2001 China launched the "863" electric vehicle major projects will include multi-energy powertrain control, drive motor, battery power of the "three horizontal" as important to the industry's R & D breakthrough. But the state of key components of these new energy automotive industry has been the policy of direct support in a blank state, so that the car battery if the introduction of special policies to support industry, will fill this gap.

Li Sheng-mao that for a long period of time, new domestic energy key auto parts manufacturing industry due to lack of appropriate planning and support of national policy, has been in a state of spontaneous growth. This has contributed to key parts of the domestic industry growth rate is not fast enough; the other hand, to some extent makes the order of competition in the industry is more chaotic, irrational investment, the corresponding resources are not reasonable configuration.

The Ministry of the lead battery industry to develop relevant policies to support, will allow the industry's overall development path more clearly, the industry standard access to more scientific and reasonable, the domestic battery industry has played a good role in promoting. Is preparing a policy that will meet the market access part of the enterprise to give a wide range of support, will surly help these companies to share part of the market risk, boosting its accelerated growth. In addition, some do not meet the market access of enterprises will be squeezed out of the market, which is the objective of cleaning the battery industry, competition in order, and to the flow of funds and resources to more growth potential, from the macro to achieve the rational configuration.

From the main materials used in battery, the current car battery consists of nickel-metal hydride batteries and lithium batteries. The former is mainly used for energy storage requirements of a relatively small hybrid vehicle, while the lithium-ion battery, with its excellent performance by major car firms identified as the next generation of electric vehicles commonly used batteries. State subsidies for the private purchase of new energy vehicles will be electric cars as a subsidy policy focus is clearly on the policy will also support the production of lithium batteries as the main winners.

Li Sheng-mao said the current height of the domestic lithium battery industry with the world advanced level or less, but a few of several key technologies to be a breakthrough. Lithium-ion battery industry chain involves the upstream mining and purification of lithium, the middle of the anode and cathode materials, electrolytes and other key raw materials, production, and the most downstream cell manufacturing. In these three sessions, lithium battery grade material purification and preparation, the main raw material electrolyte lithium hexafluorophosphate and battery separator production technology are urgently overcome. If the policies introduced by the Ministry of Industry and research within the industry can combine R & D efforts will focus on team efforts to achieve the effect of breaking a few problems.

Car battery power level of production technology has become the world's electric car industry is a bottleneck problem. For a long time, domestic small-capacity lithium battery in the field of R & D and manufacturing have achieved fruitful results, our country became the world's largest IT products with a lithium battery producer. It should be said in-vehicle battery research and development, domestic technology has a relatively strong precipitation, the current production of lithium batteries R & D of new energy automotive industry has become the hottest investment sector, I believe that together with a sound scientific industry planning, the industry will further enhance the vitality of the market, is very conducive to the development of the domestic lithium battery industry.


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