Biography Daimler and Toyota will achieve cooperation in the field of fuel cells

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Biography Daimler and Toyota will achieve cooperation in the field of fuel cells

Germany, "Financial Times" (Financial Times Deutschland) recently quoted informed sources as saying that car manufacturers Daimler and Toyota in the field of automotive fuel cells for large-scale cooperation.

Reported that Daimler and Toyota is also the first major co-operation.

For the report, DaimlerChrysler and Toyota Motor spokesman declined comment.

HP's massive recall of defective laptop batteries

U.S. 19 Hewlett-Packard announced that it will recall more in the global security risk laptop batteries because these batteries may overheat and cause a fire or burns to consumers and other hazards.

HP Secretariat spokesman told the Xinhua News Agency, told reporters that the Chinese market of some HP laptop battery also recall. It is reported that HP has the latest recall of Chinese AQSIQ reported.

HP had in May last year for the same reason in the global recall of defective laptop batteries, a new round of recall is based on the original expansion, increasing the number of potentially affected batteries and notebook computers. HP has been in China and some other areas of their official website announced the recall of the list is the product model, and how consumers can verify that the computer battery is affected and other information, but the company did not disclose the new round of recalls involving specific number of cells.

Hewlett-Packard said, the user's laptop battery recall if required by the verification, the company will be responsible for replacement free of charge. The company issued the same day Xinhua News Agency reporters De Yifen and Sheng Mingyue: "HP completely responsible for their products, by taking active measures to ensure customer safety, product integrity and quality."

Xinxiang-made batteries for electric vehicles start an industrial project

In the country (Xinxiang) chemical and physical power industry park, Henan Kelong Group annual output of 100 million security power type lithium ion battery and lithium-ion battery project started construction.

Cologne group had an annual output of 20 million have been completed An Shian full power type lithium ion battery pilot production line, widely used in electric vehicles, power tools, energy storage power station and other fields. Cologne has been committed to research and development of electric vehicle industry, the annual output of 100 million security power type lithium ion battery and lithium-ion battery project total investment 134 million yuan, plans to put into operation in December 2010. After the completion of the project, the new lithium-ion batteries for new energy vehicles in the field of use to remove obstacles and promote new energy vehicles and related industries.

Mianning energy projects located in environmentally friendly hydrogen storage battery

May 24, reporters from Liangshan Mianning learned Industrial Zone, Sichuan Wan New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. and Kaifeng County Mianning investment and development agreement signed book, officially "finalized" building high-energy production of 10 million security environment hydrogen storage battery project.

Energy-hydrogen storage batteries are widely used in environmental computer, digital products, electric cars, environmentally friendly cars and other fields. Project plans to invest 1.8 billion yuan, covers an area of 300 acres, the project in three phases, of which twelve invest 700 million yuan to build 500 million environmental safety and energy-hydrogen storage battery when the items. The first phase will start before the end of August 2010, 2011, part of the production capacity, completed before the end of 2012.

"Energy giant" resistance when the battery landing Lanzhou

May 24, China's first completely self-development, and manufacturing, world-leading, ultra-high energy primary lithium-iron battery in Lanzhou grand public.

According to the Guangzhou Science and Technology Co., Ltd. resistance when the person in charge of the battery, this has a high energy, long life, full environmental pollution lithium iron battery, its discharge performance reached world leading level, is the widespread use of high-energy alkaline batteries seven times, the traditional carbon-zinc batteries for 42 times its high quality performance authorities and the China Battery Industry Association, affirmed.


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