Butterfly wings and the development of high efficiency solar cells

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Butterfly wings and the development of high efficiency solar cells

According to Science Daily, February 5, 2009 reported that studies have found that the butterfly wings in a similar spot miniature solar collector, China and Japan, this finding prompted scientists to begin developing a more efficient solar cells, this battery can be used in the home or commercial power supply.

Scientists wrote in a research note, they are looking for a way to improve the "dye-sensitized" solar cell light absorption material. The batteries in all the solar cells have the highest photoelectric conversion rate (10% higher than the battery).

Researchers by studying micro-solar spot on the butterfly wings to improve their research, through the use of butterfly wings as a model, they copied the solar collector and the transfer of such a device to "dye-sensitized" the battery. Experiments show that the solar butterfly wings absorber than the traditional "dye-sensitized" cell efficiency to be higher. The production process is simple and fast than other methods, and can be used for other valuable business equipment.

Nuvera to commercialize fuel cell hybrid forklift system

February 4, 2009, Nuvera Fuel Cells today announced successful completion of the East Penn Manufacturing Company and the joint development agreement. The agreement began in November 2004, aimed at joint development of fuel cell forklift / battery hybrid system to replace the standard lead-acid batteries. The agreement seeks to research and development, including proton exchange membrane fuel cells and advanced batteries of a single product to meet the requirements of high-performance truck, low operating costs.

Nuvera has also developed on-site hydrogen plant and the hydrogen distribution system PowerTap, better support for the operation of the hybrid truck, saving the cost.

As of December 2008, East Penn Manufacturing Company's distribution center has 15 hybrid trucks, 13,000 work hours. PowerTap provides more than 5300 kilograms of hydrogen, hydrogenation carried out 4700 times.

Nuvera and its partners to achieve the desired goals, develop strategies to meet the requirements of a fuel cell hybrid products, a step to commercialization.

Subsequently, East Penn will continue to develop fuel cell hybrid. Similarly, Nuvera will be for truck original equipment manufacturers and end users to sell their own brand of fuel cell hybrid products and PowerTap system.


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