Canon BG-E5 Battery Grip Review

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Canon BG-E5 Battery Grip Review



The canon bg-e5 battery grip is a great accessory for the Canon EOS 450D Rebel XTi and the Canon EOS Rebel XS / DSLR / 1000D. Personally, I shoot in the portrait and portrait and landscape / horizontal. After the vertical grip gives me a lot more comfortable and stable position - and gives me more control over the large lenses. The BG-E5 grip allows them to use small devices compatible simple - especially for long sessions of the vertical orientation.


This handful of power to transform the device in several ways:

  • First, it is larger and heavier, but I feel stronger than Pro Camera
  • Second, keep my fingers do not have to sacrifice in the narrow space. Despite the relatively low hand, thin fingers, I feel much better.
  • Third, there are others on the trigger, you can use it for portraits vertical /. This is very useful, especially if you get the picture much. one moment, the grip more comfortable vertical than horizontal direction.
  • Fourth, with two types of magazines that are interchangeable, treated. The first, the battery is XSi 2 Canon regular, and the other for AA batteries.
  • Fifth and last is the excess weight and size of the unit are balanced, they more or harder is the goal doped.

This grip is useful for those who have used Canon Rebel XTi in particular to take a photo in portrait orientation and a few glasses like long or heavy. It is to go for those long trips, or a long photo shoot, because they have pockets for AA batteries in particular. It is very valuable, especially the price level is relatively cheap compared to the power handle for more cameras.



The Canon BG-E5 battery grip accepts two LP-E5 Canon battery packs or six AA batteries in the supplied cradle. Two-LP E5S double the number of shots before a fee is required - a good profit. A second battery is not required - The BG-E5 works very well with a single LP-E5.

The Canon BG-E5 battery grip installed in the battery compartment of NPC. The original battery door is easily removable and plugs on BG-E5 The attachment is by fixing the BG-E5 son of the camera tripod adapter completed. The BG-E5 offers his own son tripod adapter - this function is not lost. The handle enables the creation and the shutter button to capture the same camera.

The only Canon BG-E5 battery grip drawback I can think of (except to buy) is the size and the extra weight gives the device. The BG-E5 measures 0.5 "x 3.8 x 2.8 inches (128 x 96.4 x 70.7mm). He adds 1.63" (41mm) to connect the height of the camera, though. Weighs 8.1 ounces (230g) without batteries.

One advantage of the NPC BG-E5 compatible, which are small. If the "small" is your priority remove, simply the BG-E5 and put back the battery cover. It’s easy and fast.


Canon BG-E5 Battery Grip Replacement - Product information

Canon BG-E5 Battery Grip Replacement

  • The Canon BG-E5 Battery Grip Replacement inbox: battery grip, LP-E5 battery box, AA battery box!
  • BG-E5 Battery Grip Replacement AC charger: Input- 100V~240V AC, 50/60HZ 0.5A, Output - 12.5V DC 750mA .
  • Product Type : Battery Grip Replacement for CANON EOS 450D/EOS 500D/EOS 1000D DSLR cameras.
  • The most attractive point is that the BG-E5 Battery Grip Replacement use high capacity LP-E5 Lithium Ion battery, which makes more shots actual in one full charge and makes it a dreaming product for professional photographers.
  • The Canon BG-E5 Battery Grip Replacement equipped with a vertical-grip shutter button, command dial, AE lock/FE lock, and AF point selector button to enable shooting in the same fashion as a horizontal grip.
  • Order DSLR Battery Grip Replacement today: Full One year waranty and 30 days money back.


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