Canon EOS 400D Camera Review, Via Blog

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Canon EOS 400D Camera Review, Via Blog


Canon EOS 400D Camera Review

Canon EOS 400D SLR camera: Three years ago, shocked the market, Canon cameras with the launch of the six-megapixel EOS 300D. He was a revolutionary price would be very important for the DSLR market. Suddenly, a digital SLR camera for the amateur photographer. And it is all for this event, digital SLR models in high demand. After a year and a half, took the Canon EOS 350D, which easily adapts to the success of its predecessor. It is likely that the successor to the EOS 350D is back for another year and a half later. This was the case. Canon happens to be the last DSLR Canon EOS 400D, a ten-megapixel model. Significantly, the EOS 350D will remain in stores. This does not change the fact however that the Canon 400D his successor should be considered.

In each iteration of the Canon Digital Rebel family raises the bar for image quality and camera features while lowering the starting price. This iteration brings us the Canon EOS Rebel XTi / 400D Digital SLR price level image quality and professionalism. The EOS Digital Rebel XTi (USA), 400D EOS Kiss Digital X (Japan) and EOS (anywhere) is easy enough for beginners, but strong enough to do the job for many professionals. In 18 months, Canon has sold 1.2 million units 350D/Rebel XT SLR digital. The 400D/XTi take their place in the market. Note: Canon leaves rarely updated to launching new digital SLR models. Older models are reduced in price for some time - and is no longer available.

So what about the Rebel XTi? The short list:

  • New 10.1 effective megapixel CMOS (versus 8.0 on the Rebel XT)
  • Further reduction of dust (more on this later)
  • Large 2.5-inch LCD display (versus 1.8 “on the XT)
  • No further information LCD (main LCD is used instead)
  • 9 AF points (to 7 points)
  • Now you can take more shots in a row in burst mode (27 vs 14 JPEG, RAW 10 vs 6)
  • New Picture Style function for the first time in the EOS 5D and 30D
  • The battery life is 10% less than the XT
  • Everything else is the same. You get a very compact case (for an SLR), manual controls everything you can imagine, and support of Canon EF and EF-S.

Contents of the box?

As mentioned in the introduction, the Rebel XTi is available in two packages: the body only with an EF-S 18-55. This is what we found in each of these sets:

  • A 10.1-megapixel Rebel XTi digital camera body
  • 18-55mm F3.5 - 5.6 Mk II EF-S lens [lens kit only]
  • NB-2LH Li-Ion Battery
  • Battery Charger
  • Lanyard
  • Eye
  • Cover
  • USB Cable
  • Video Cable
  • CD-ROM with the EOS Digital Solution software and user manual
  • 179 page camera manual (printed)

As with all Canon digital SLR cameras no memory card included with the Rebel XTi, so you need to work on the full purchase price. Fortunately, CompactFlash cards are cheap these days, and I recommend a 1 GB card size good starting point. The Rebel XTi Card Type I and II, including Microdrive. Buying a high speed CF card (50X or higher) is a good idea.

The frequency of importers, to believe the differences between the types of EOS are so great. Of course, the camera also has seen a lot of internal changes. The Canon 400D has, for example, has 9 AF points as the more expensive EOS 30D, while the buffer was increased to 27 JPEG or 10 RAW images. A notable difference between the EOS 350D and EOS 400D new concerns of the image sensor. However, not so much the fact that the number of pixels has increased to 10 megapixels, the difference compared with 8 megapixels, this is still not as significant. The increase in megapixels is probably used to compete with the still camera, a marketing tool if you want. The third weapon in the battle against dust is the new low pass filter. A piezoelectric element is allowed to vibrate, thus falling into the dust filter, and therefore out of sight. Digital SLR enthusiasts might see us this story surprisingly familiar. If despite these precautions, you’ll find dust in the file can be easily removed by the software. Simply take a photo of a sheet of white paper.


EOS 40D Grip

Battery: The XTi is the same as the XT NB-2LH, but reduced due to the larger screen, its function as a status indicator, and the new system of self-purification, self-reliance. You can expect 500 pictures at room temperature (without flash) and 360 shots with flash 50%. At temperatures below zero, this reduces to the expectations of a respectable 370 and up to 280 photos without flash.

If you want to use AA batteries on the Rebel XTi, then an option on the battery trying. They spend almost $ 150 buy Canon BG-E3 grip(dslr battery grip), or you can take Targus Rebel XT / XTi Battery Grip for under $ 100. I had the opportunity to build from the clutches of Targus, and it feels like my Canon 20D grip. Whatever you take care now, you can at once two NB-2LH batteries or six AA batteries, the company doubled the lifespan of the battery from the camera. You also get some extra buttons and dials, and that makes the camera easier to hold together.

Canon EOS 400D Battery Grip

Canon EOS 400D Battery Grip Replacement &Charger

  • EOS 400D Grip replacement specifications :
  • Voltage : 7.4V
  • Capacity : 2100mAh
  • Battery Type : NB-2LH
  • Input : 9.0V~12.0V
  • Output : 7.4V
  • Dimensions : 127×70x88mm

Canon EOS 400D Battery Grip Replacement - Product information

  • The canon eos 400d battery grip Replacement inbox: battery grip, 2100mAh battery, charger!
  • EOS 400D Battery Grip Replacement AC charger: Input- 100V~240V AC 50/60HZ 500mA, Output - 12.5V DC 750mA .
  • Product Type : Battery Grip Replacement for CANON EOS 350D/EOS 400D DSLR cameras.
  • The most attractive point is that the EOS 400D Battery Grip Replacement can integrated with a high capacity 2100mAh Lithium Ion battery, which makes 2100 shots actual in one full charge and makes it a dreaming product for professional photographers.
  • The Canon EOS 400D Battery Grip Replacement equipped with a vertical-grip shutter button, command dial, AE lock/FE lock, and AF point selector button to enable shooting in the same fashion as a horizontal grip.
  • Order Canon EOS 400D Battery Grip Replacement today: Full One year waranty and 30 days money back.


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