Cell turnover in exports dropped significantly

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Cell turnover in exports dropped significantly

According to the National Bureau of Statistics data show that 1 in June 2009, China's battery industry totaled 136.34 billion yuan industrial output value, an increase of 7.9%; accumulated industrial sales output value of 130.45 billion yuan, an increase of 0.9%; an export value of 43.41 billion yuan, down 11.3%.

Among them, lead-acid battery production increased by 16.7%; alkaline battery production fell 32.0%; primary cell production fell 13.2%. In addition, 1 May solar cumulative 022 million export volume, exports accumulated to $ 1,518,000,000, an increase of 20%. Cumulative exports of nickel-cadmium battery 87,537,300, down 60.8%.

Button alkaline manganese batteries, cylindrical type alkaline manganese batteries, lithium batteries, lithium-ion battery, start-type lead-acid battery exports have declined. Other types of alkaline manganese batteries, the main square 6LF22 alkaline manganese batteries, such as the export value dropped significantly.

Fixed type, storage type and traction lead-acid batteries use lead-acid batteries and other industrial exports fell by half.

Analysis of the industry, nickel cadmium batteries are mainly used in power tools, under the EU Battery Directive, under the restricted category products. Nickel-cadmium batteries because of States adopted a policy on environmental protection, limiting their use and market size, China has also introduced a related environmental policies, the nickel-cadmium battery included double high directory, and canceled the export tax rebates, processing trade ban. The frequent occurrences of environmental cadmium pollution, some companies have terminated nickel-cadmium battery production operations. By the financial crisis, the decline in production and sales of electric tools, lithium-ion battery market competition, multiple pressures lead to shrinkage of nickel-cadmium battery market, the export volume dropped significantly.

In addition, the common zinc-manganese batteries, nickel hydrogen batteries cumulative exports of 258 million, down 29.8%, while its exports decline by 10 percentage points higher than exports, experts suggested that enterprises should improve the battery unit.

French-American company will jointly manufacture of automotive batteries

Reuters Paris on September 23 shares of Dow Chemical Company Dow Kodam 22 companies, announced that it will cooperate with France's Dassault Enterprise Group, the production of electric cars and hybrid vehicle batteries.

The company said in a statement it had reached a preliminary enterprise groups with Dassault cooperation agreement. Members of the Board said: "This strategic cooperation and Dassault shows the company to accelerate Dow Kodam vehicle battery system, the determination of supply and expand the market."

In fact, the two companies began in 2008, to develop called "clean cell" lithium-ion battery technology.

Development of clean energy vehicles has become a trend in the automotive industry. Auto show held in Frankfurt, Germany, the German Volkswagen, Ford and other auto giants the United States have demonstrated their next generation of electric cars or hybrids.

Switzerland, Oerlikon Solar Amorphous silicon solar cell conversion efficiency of 10% broken

Swiss thin film solar cell manufacturing equipment maker Oerlikon Solar 22 issued news release, the company has created the amorphous silicon (a-Si) single-junction solar cell conversion efficiency of the new record, according to U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory ( NREL) confirmed that more than 10% conversion efficiency. Oerlikon Solar said it expects the end of 2010 the company will launch the first solar module production line.


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