Changan Automobile approved fuel cell car production

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Changan Automobile approved fuel cell car production

Recently, Chang Expo dedicated car fuel cell car in the State Ministry of the first batch of 210 vehicles, manufacturers and product announcements in the smooth release, as Chang, "carbon emissions" team in another side of the green flag, following the Beijing Olympic Games will once again Chinese own-brand vehicles lead the world.

Fuel cell vehicles are a new type of clean energy vehicles. To hydrogen as a fuel in fuel cells and oxygen in the air pile electrochemical reaction to generate electricity to drive the motor. Emissions with only a small amount of water and hydrogen, and nitrogen oxides to achieve a zero carbon oxide emissions. Fuel cells more efficient than internal combustion engine, the fuel cell vehicles for saving and improving the energy structure of great significance.

Chang'an Chang'an Automobile fuel cell car is two years after the effort to build a zero-emission green car. The car is based on mature brands Zhixiang midsize sedan platform, combined with the 863 "fuel cell vehicle powertrain technology platform integration and control technology research and development," the latest technological achievements, equipped with international advanced level of technology integration of fuel cell power system is introduced with full operational capability of the fuel cell car. Zhixiang sedan platform, incorporates advanced fuel cell systems, lithium-ion battery system, motor drive system and electric air conditioning, power brakes, power steering and other auxiliary systems.

The system uses electric power - electric hybrid power system programs with regenerative braking, load balancing, fault handling control strategies to maximize recycling and saving energy, while ensuring the vehicle's performance and good running car to achieve a 100 km hydrogen consumption 1.2 kg, the maximum speed of 150 km, the maximum mileage up to 350 km.

Chang fuel cell car because of its superior quality, reliable performance, designated by the National Science and Technology Demonstration for the 2010 Shanghai World Expo will run vehicles.

Shanghai will promote community recycling of used batteries and cell phones Initiative Green Expo

Green box with a special focus on recycling used batteries, old mobile phones and their parts, primary and secondary schools in Shanghai to carry out a three-year "green box" environmental charity, and will gradually be extended to Shanghai is the community, to create a social atmosphere of Green Expo.

17, "small hands holding a large hand, and the Expo peers" as the theme of the campus "green box" environmental charity awards ceremony held in Shanghai. Ceremony, the Shanghai urban civilization volunteer publicity ambassador Bo Wanqing environmentally green features such as eight community representatives took the "green box", which marks the Shanghai "green box" environmental charity will enter communities and families.

The sources said China produced an annual average of nearly 90 million tons of electronic waste and 12 mobile phone waste. If such things as ordinary waste landfill disposal or incineration, will contaminate soil, water and air, and may thereby undermining the body's nervous system and immune system.

It is understood that, in 2007, Shanghai launched the primary and secondary schools, "green box" environmental charity, promote an early age to develop good young people and scientific awareness of environmental protection energy-saving lifestyle. As of March this year, "Green Box" Shanghai has covered the primary and secondary schools. According to incomplete statistics, the past three years, "green box" total recycling of used cell phones, batteries, accessories, more than 20,000 pieces, 25 million ordinary battery section, small appliances more than 10,000 one. 296 711

Awards site, made with pieces of green cloth creative fashion, solar classroom air exchange robot (48.620,1.60,3.40%), energy efficient water oil ship ... ... from different primary and secondary school students in Shanghai are showing their green ideas handicrafts. A Shanghai Xujiahui Zhang students in a school that participated in the campus "green box" environmental charity, not only increase the number of environmental knowledge, do something for the Green Expo, to create more feel from the fun.

It is reported that "green box" environmental charity to charity as a cause of long-term environmental sustainability, encouraging people to develop "a show of hands to do environmental protection, better life" philosophy of environmental protection and healthy lifestyles in order to create a social atmosphere for national environmental protection .

Hefei brewing for the batteries to find "home"

With several years of electric vehicle batteries, losing a role, but this is how to deal with used batteries, used batteries gone, as public concern. Yesterday, the reporters investigating the provincial capital fertilizer Road, Lake Road, Jinzhai Road, some of the electric vehicle battery recycling waste found that the majority of waste is used for refining of lead battery recycling, the remaining acid was free to deal with.

Business rejection of used batteries

In 2003, the state has issued regulations: electric car manufacturers and dealers must bear responsibility for recycling of waste batteries. But the business is in accordance with requirements of recycling? Day, the reporter interviewed a fertilizer Road, Lake Road and a few electric cars Jinzhai Road businesses, the majority refused to recycling of waste batteries. "This has no use recycled, and sold without any money on you or to the repair shop to those who ask it, they are that someone close." However, some businesses said you can trade, but make up the difference to be significant. "You want 36-volt battery, the old me, they have to give me 200."

In the reporter interview, asked about the five electric cars sellers, there are three that are not recycled.

Store recycling pound 3.5 yuan

Since many businesses just to sell electric car regardless of income, so some small stations, and electric car repair paved the ultimate buyers of used batteries.

In the West on a fat battery electric vehicle maintenance stations, when a reporter said to replace the battery electric vehicle, the owner of that new ones can be used batteries battery. "It's the old battery back to how to deal with ah?" "Do not know, was home with our acquisition." In addition, a waste recycling, the reporter saw the dumping of nearly 20 in the ground is the old battery, and some batteries have been signs of corrosion edge. Store, a woman told reporters that they only acquired but not trade, the acquisition of the battery are to be considered by pounds, "3.5 yuan per catty." When the reporter asked again, the fate of used batteries, the lady mumbled sentence: "Let the car away."

"Recycling to do? We are sold directly to manufacturers of lead refining, re-refining factory processed to a lead." Of Taihu Lake on the road a recycling of used batteries of electric vehicles the boss told reporters, used batteries in electric cars mainly lead based, and only a handful of acid, "is generally drained acid that point, no use", where as down, the boss pointed to the street. When asked whether the recycling process is dangerous, the shop owner said with a smile, there is no danger.

Brewing for the used batteries to find "home"

For energy saving electric car, the battery is pollutants. It is understood that waste lead-acid battery paste containing lead, sulfuric acid and other waste material, because of their chemical reactivity, has been included in the national hazardous waste list. Such as its unscientific removal, will air, water, soil and other serious harm, and then pass through the food chain, leading to people, livestock poisoning. With the widespread use of electric cars, the amount of waste batteries will be more and more, how to dispose of these hazardous materials?

"Environmental protection departments have been concerned about the issue of waste lead-acid battery recycling, but also specifically to the field inspection tour." Hefei Environmental Protection Agency Solid Waste Center, Renlin Long told reporters that the hazards of waste batteries than ordinary batteries, but there is no professional Hefei battery recycling business, "Recycling is also more refined lead, but the lead smelting enterprises are highly polluting, Hefei is also allowed to exist," Lin said Long, as used batteries to find "home" program has been planning a long time, will in due course appropriate way to start the recycling program.


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