China current situation

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China’s current situation

In recent years, lead-acid canon bg-e6 battery grip technology continues to develop, products matured. Structure has gradually starting canon eos 20d battery grip optimization and upgrading, maintenance-free batteries widely used, is still military, civilian transportation equipment, an important power supply devices, for our country become the world’s major automobile-producing countries play an important supportive role.

VRLA batteries, gel batteries as a backup power supply, large reserves of power core components, its production has become an important foundation for economic development in the sex industry. Promising lead-acid vgp-bps2 , vgp-bps2a battery industry.

The main raw material for lead-acid batteries – lead-recyclable repeated use, as long as the introduction of waste battery recycling related industrial policies, the right to guide the market, we can effectively solve the shortage of China’s non-ferrous metals, lead pollution, resources and the environment many problems. Therefore, a correct understanding of storage vgp-bps2b , vgp-bps2c battery industry, the status quo, identify trends and effectively resolve their own problems, is the recycling of resources and building a conservation-oriented society, is an effective way of scientific development to the national economy.

Lead-acid battery industry

Lead-acid battery industry in China’s current situation and development trend of VGP-BPS8VGP-BPS8A.

Battery industry is a new important component of the energy sector is the world’s economic development, a new hot spot, in 2006, the United States there are two top ten science and technology plan for the battery project, lead-acid VGP-BPS9VGP-BPS9/B battery industry, one-third of total sales, and power , transportation, information industry development is closely related to the automotive, truck and other means of transport and large-scale uninterruptible power supply system in control of social production and business activities and human life, an indispensable product.

Lead-acid VGP-BPS9/SVGP-BPS9A/B battery industry is the twenty-first century and application of the most promising prospects of a new green energy systems, while related to the implementation of national sustainable development strategies.

Market Status worrisome:

Guangdong Province, the Provincial Trade and Industry Bureau recently sold a quarter of mobile phone, tc030 , TD347 battery, charger and other commodities to conduct random checks, 40 batches of mobile phone battery, the pass rate was only 60%, while the charger is only 20% pass rate . Concerned for the people of such a series of test data and reports, looking back at the whole mobile phone market, we found that cell phone functionality and safety performance has become a period of the current and future impact of mobile phone industry and its market development important factor.

On the one hand, how to nikon en-el7 , nikon en-el8 maximize the minimum capital investment has become a major market share competing bid for state power mobile phone competitors focal point. HE Gui Li pointed out that the refurbishment of listed mobile phones faster, a number of quality problems failed to be resolved accordingly.

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