China's hydrogen fuel cell car onto U.S. Highway

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China's hydrogen fuel cell car onto U.S. Highway

China has independently developed 16 Passat Passat hydrogen fuel cell car recently set off the United States, to carry out a six-month road test and demonstration of running services.

The fuel cell car to Shanghai Volkswagen Passat (model picture forums) Passat-based model, integrated by the Shanghai Fuel Cell Vehicle Powertrain Co., Ltd., Tongji University, Shanghai Automotive Group, developed a new generation of fuel cell power systems The trial completed. Its top speed of 150 km, one-time continuous hydrogen charging mileage 300 km. They worked in the Beijing Olympic Games and Paralympic Games run nearly 70 days on the model, the total mileage of nearly 8 million kilometers.

The California fuel cell operation conducted demonstration projects, by the "California Fuel Cell Partnership," organized the automotive companies, energy companies, fuel cell technology companies and government institutions to cooperate in the project to address global climate change for the positive and set the example, Ford, Honda, General Motors, Toyota, Volkswagen, are all members of the scheme.


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