China's lithium battery industry to seize the high ground of urgent B

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China's lithium battery industry to seize the high ground of urgent B

Li-ion battery in 2002 crossed the million mark of global market share of 12%. In 2007, China's production of lithium-ion battery has reached more than 1.4 billion, of which China's domestic manufacturers of lithium-ion battery at about 1 billion or so, BYD Company in the field of lithium-ion battery industry has entered the world top 5. In recent years, lithium-ion battery manufacturers in China's global market share stable at 34%, and Japanese manufacturers of lithium-ion battery production formation par trend.

According to relevant data show that in 2008 demand for lithium-ion battery market 2.87 billion, annual growth rate of more than 20%. Lithium-ion batteries in 2013 demand will reach 3.99 billion.

At present, China has become the world's largest lithium production base, China's lithium-ion battery manufacturers in Guangdong, Tianjin, Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other places. Currently, the Guangdong region of the lithium production has accounted for 75% of China's industry, while the Shenzhen City the total to 70% of the national total.

Industry, eliminate backward production capacity increase required to improve product quality

Reporters found that the rapid development in recent years, China's lithium industry benefited from cheap and abundant labor resources, you can use labor-intensive semi-automatic production line, to take a low-cost competitive strategy. Rely on this strategy, local brand lithium-ion batteries have the battery in the domestic mobile phone manufacturers to occupy first place purchase orders.

At present, China has entered a self-contained lithium era, the rapid growth of production capacity, with foreign brands on the price being not match advantage. However, to ensure consistency in the battery, semi-automatic production and automated production obviously can not match. So many companies gain a firm foothold in the market after the initial, at putting in a lot of money to introduce automatic production lines. In the highly competitive market, small firms will be eliminated within the next two years, and only the manufacturers of heavy weight also to bigger and bigger.

At present, BYD, BAK, B & K and other Chinese companies with its unique lithium production process, significantly reduce the production cost of lithium batteries, lithium-powered products has changed the dominance of Japanese companies, but in the high-end lithium market, China is still in its infancy, and there is still a big gap between Japanese companies. Lithium in the high-end industries, the majority of domestic enterprises are still in its infancy, and multinational corporations, there is still a big gap. Embodied in the production of outdated facilities, poor product reproducibility, the relative lack of intellectual property rights, inadequate attention to sustainable production, consumption of too much technical material, product homogeneity serious lack of high value-added products and brands, the ability to participate in international competition, relatively weak.

Be missed is the direction of the battery power industry need to overcome


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