China's PV market trading platform set up to build the industrial chain

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China's PV market trading platform set up to build the industrial chain

By the high-tech Industrial Park, Xinyu City, Jiangxi Province, LDK Solar, a large international information on Joint US-built "China (Xinyu) PV market," May 6 evening in Shanghai was officially launched.

"China's PV market," the overall cost of $ 500 million first phase of the construction area of nearly 40,000 square meters, will start operations in June this year. According to the organizers investors expected that the market is completed, will be stationed 500 photovoltaic companies and traders, daily purchases of 10 billion yuan, annual trading volume of 200 billion yuan.

It is understood that the PV industry in the world has entered the fast lane, attracted worldwide attention. However, the industry moving rapidly along with the development, procurement decentralized, lack of information, research lags behind technology and poor management and many other negative factors have become increasingly prominent, especially late in the development experience in Europe and America, the opportunities are synchronized Chinese market.

President of a large U.S. international information, Xingshu Hai, general manager of China's PV market introduction, the construction of the market to China and the global PV industry chain to provide a full procurement trading platform, the establishment of this market, at least for companies to reduce 10 -20% of the purchase cost of the middle, thereby reducing the overall end product cost, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.

China's PV market as one of the investors of LDK, Zhu Liang, executive vice president Paul said that the market will be effectively integrated photovoltaic industry resources, a "silicon raw material - cast anchor - silicon - Battery - components - applications," all chain procurement platform, but also the LDK and many other companies designated procurement market.

2015 Toyota International Perspective push hydrogen fuel cell vehicles

According to reports, the world's largest manufacturer of hybrid Toyota said recently that in the past five years time, Toyota's fuel cell vehicles has reduced manufacturing costs by nearly 90 percent, and Toyota will be around 2015 in the United States launched the first price of $ 50,000 hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

Executive Director of Toyota's advanced vehicle YoshihikoMasuda said, Toyota will launch in the market's first hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will be a sedan. The hydrogen fuel cell vehicles with regular gasoline vehicles driving range is almost, but will add some additional cost.

Masuda also added: "We are launching hydrogen-powered cars on the premise that a loss will not, in order to continue to support the development of hydrogen technology with electric vehicle technology, compared to hydrogen technology research and development funds are not sufficient, and the suffering public to 'too expensive' on the grounds of criticism. "Masuda, but did not disclose the first hydrogen fuel cell vehicle sales targets.

In addition to Toyota motor vehicles, General Motors, Honda, DaimlerChrysler and Hyundai are planning to launch around 2015 fuel cell vehicles.

Coupled with the old battery inside the new tram and a mouth can not tell the consumer rights protection

May 10 hearing to buy a new electric tricycle, useless tram battery to die a few days, open the battery cover was found on the assembly of the new trams are old batteries. To discussing the business, merchants say, the battery may be consumers who tune around the package. Consumers Association, said such cases a few, hard evidence is the key.

The people Ms. Lee in the Yellow eight six-way intersection near the shop to do business the Bohai Sea, due to business needs, May 4, an electric car in the Yellow River Road store to buy an electric tricycle. "I was, and objects to sell stores, spent 2600 yuan to buy a motorized tricycle. Selecting the staff to install car battery, when I did not care, hand money riding home."

Ms. Lee said that the new Juji home less than two days, there have been problems. "Buy a new car home the next day after charging, can not travel far, no electricity. Open the battery compartment and saw that it contained, surprisingly, used batteries." She said.

Lee angry, and then find the business discussing. "But merchants say they are not responsible for that is our own to replace the battery, and also played a 110 call the police." She introduced the bill when the car is still their own hands. "He insisted that we replace the battery yourself, we have no evidence, so let the matter rest." Ms. Lee said that although not rights, but would like this to remind the general public through a friend in the face of such a situation Be sure to check the battery details. "Because a lot of batteries with electric tram car is sold separately, so before you choose the tram to install the battery, the middle of a slight mistake is likely to be transferred package."

May 10 afternoon, the reporter went to the sales shop, a responsible person surnamed Wang has received complaints, the selected car, give the customer replaced the battery and replace the battery when the customer on the next working staff could not Diaobao. He also said that after assembling the battery, the battery type, motor number and other relevant records were made. The person in charge of the battery is used by the customer's friends or other people tune package.

Each side, the reporter contacted Bincheng CASE phone a staff member, he said, had received similar complaints, but hard evidence of such problems, causing some inconvenience. The staff reminded the public that a friend, in the purchase of such goods, after the purchase be sure to check whether the battery, the certificate are complete, in order to avoid unnecessary trouble encountered.


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