China will become the largest producer of photovoltaic cells

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China will become the largest producer of photovoltaic cells

New Energy Chamber of Commerce, China Federation of Industry has recently published "China's new energy industry Annual Report (2006)," is expected in 2010, production of photovoltaic products in China may exceed 1,000 MW, to become the world's largest producer of photovoltaic cells.

Reported that since 2006, some domestic manufacturers began to consider investing in solar silicon production is expected around 2008 formed a certain scale of production capacity. National Development and Reform Commission experts believe that the next 5 to 10 years, the application of photovoltaic power generation system will be on the one hand to household photovoltaic systems and small-scale photovoltaic power plants the main building, on the other hand borrowing from the development of the roof system experience in large and medium cities, roads, parks, stations and other public facilities, promote the use of solar power lighting.

Mobile phone battery short-circuit Kun District Baotou, a resident house fire

November 9 17 am, Kun District, Baotou City, the first way a small neighborhood of 21 residents of a house fire, but fortunately found in time, the fire did not cause major damage.

Baotou City Fire Brigade arrived at the scene learned that a squadron of soldiers, the residents of the fire house on the third floor, a neighbor found his home and smoke and knocked on the door after the alarm was no response. According to the scene, fire officers and men to start fighting immediately, and finally determine its nobody at home, is the living room couch on fire. After 10 minutes of effective disposal of the fire was successfully extinguished.

It is understood that the fire district before a power cut, the son of head of household in the home did not charge the phone battery when you unplug the phone not long after the fire occurred. Initial analysis suggests that the fire might be headed home, mobile phone battery in a power short circuit while charging, ignition caused by an electrical outlet.


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