Chinese solar cell-dumping trade war will open play

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Chinese solar cell-dumping trade war will open play

Solar energy industry event of the year European Photovoltaic Exhibition (EU PVSEC) over Wang Mengjie ITRI industry analysts said that as China rely on government grants solar power plants, low-cost attack U.S. and European markets, show floor this year, the atmosphere of anti-dumping strong in China consequences of which should be observed.

Following the United States to boycott the Chinese tire dumping tariff barriers, the U.S. and Europe to China will focus on solar-dumping issues, including the world's largest manufacturer of solar cells in Germany Q-Cells, SunPower and other U.S. manufacturers, have been reflected in the government, expect the local government to attach importance to China's low-cost competition for the impact of local industry. SolarWorld solar cell factory in Germany and other industry combined with the European Union to lobby the German government that the Chinese solar energy industry by improper government subsidies, and low prices to get into other markets, is already dumping actions, the Government should be some level of sanctions against China . Q-Cells CEO also said that solar-cell factory in China generally do not follow environmental standards, coupled with government subsidies to support, so that China, the German solar industry, competition has been distorted.

A strong emphasis on Europe and America in the atmosphere of anti-high-performance optical exhibition in Europe this year, but also filled with a strong European and American climate camp against China, Wang Mengjie ITRI industry analyst pointed out that China's solar industry with the government, "Golden Sun", "solar roofs" and other subsidies, coupled with lower labor costs and set up factories, to adopt low-cost competitive strategy and Europe and the United States, and many operators have aggressively expanded plant, in Europe and America for the solar industry, resulting in a great threat to the European Photovoltaic Exhibition European and American operators have stressed the high performance and high added value, and to differentiate the Chinese solar industry.

Wang Mengjie said that as prices in Germany to reduce subsidies for solar energy, coupled with a trend of low-cost module, the future development of China's giant Suntech relatively favorable, so he did not think Germany would actually make the move severe sanctions, but America's future trends worth watching. European and American trade sanctions if the actual make, the Taiwan manufacturers in the prices cheaper than Europe, the quality surpasses the Chinese have an advantage, perhaps Taiwanese manufacturers is another opportunity.

Chairman of Taiwan's solar photovoltaic, solar energy is also chairman Cai Jinyao Yutong, said that although the EU has a formal anti-dumping lawsuits, but believes the actual implementation of sanctions is unlikely, but recent European and American manufacturers of anti-dumping action is indeed the industry moves to China tend to low-key, this European Photovoltaic Exhibition "call the bottom" of the current situation also improved. However, if future cases arise trade barriers on the domestic industry, it may also have an impact, as part of the domestic industry's switch to Chinese manufacturers are highly dependent on a single benefit, but also by the subsequent development of industry attention.


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