Conversation, to give themselves leeway B

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Conversation, to give themselves leeway B

Second: Do not say never, then

Perhaps Einstein's "Theory of Relativity" deep-rooted reason, people like to consider the issue a relative thinking, the absolute thing, psychologically there is a sense of exclusion. For example, when you categorically said: "The fact is this kind of complete." At this time there will be two kinds of psychological ideas of others: First, you must ask: "Is not bad," but you may express his true mental always wondering, "Is not bad", his words you will be a little comprehension of the forest for the trees. Might as well say: "The truth is like this."

If we have not completely clear their own thing, or on behalf of my personal views, even those that do not use the word absolute, absolute, as will be caused because of your suspicion of others, or even cause resentment of others. Around us, there are many such people, they believe themselves, if they have not had time to think, while others in front of you to say with certainty, will feel left behind, it will naturally aversion. They will be psychological, said: "It's like that? I do not believe it. Even said:" I hate such people. "For example, once, two strangers first meet, chat and talked about all the issues of concern:" the relationship between morality and legal system. One said: "This issue is only the wise see wisdom, eyes of the beholder of the problem." While another added: "In this society, we must talk about the legal system, no need to talk about ethics." Later he talks from the point of view, he means said that in the present society, Renxinbugu, when the morality of some people is of no use, it is necessary to solve the problem with the rule of law. But his words are too absolute, causing dissatisfaction with each other, and immediately asked him: "Society is not unreasonable, and he had his own words and explain it again.

Therefore, in conversation, though we absolutely a sure thing, they should not be saying that being too absolute, absolute things easily lead to others disagree. The reality is that if the other party intends to prick, really can pick thorn. Its a prick to others an excuse, as the euphemism for saying that. Also, if we do not speak at the absolute, we can also in a broader space and the other deal.

Three: Speak consistent, honest and trustworthy.

And other things in his speech, we must pay attention not to appear before and after the conflict, maintaining consistency. Inconsistency is a taboo, contradictions are often vulnerable to attack another place, but often very powerful attacks, can make us speechless, such as office colleagues Jiamou Pingmou want to know the relationship with the Director, asked Gumou said: "You've been director of house?" Jiamou certainly do not want to Pingmou this kind of thing, he said: "No," Pingmou said "recently bought a set of furniture director." Gumou said : "It was brand mountains, the color is better." In two to one to one dialogue, Pingmou know, Jiamou director must have been to home, or how he knew it was so clear.

Words to be honest and trustworthy. Have a customer in order to make your room perfect, hope to buy a genuine leather sofa. The customer to the city's big stores, a variety of goods to go shopping. Vendors happily brought him the sofa Department. When customers see a sofa attracted him, he asked the price, the vendor told him. The price of this leather sofa customers actually so low (and he expected only half) that surprised when the seller assures customers that this is indeed a bargain, so it is popular. Customers sit on the sofa, feeling good. He stood up, pacing around the couch, admire. Sofa very pretty. Customers found themselves once again for a price so cheap leather sofas that such a surprise, so decided to buy it.


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