Copper indium selenide thin film solar cells

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Copper indium selenide thin film solar cells

Tianjin January 5 reporter today from the Institute of Information Technical Science, Nankai University was informed, "863 copper indium selenium thin film solar cell in the test base" in the trial process equipment and large areas of material and device development has made significant progress, the successful production of the effective area of 804cm2 glass substrate of CIGS solar modules, the photoelectric conversion efficiency of 7.00%, the indicator is the national authority by the Quality Inspection Center of e-18 standard test results.

This achievement shows that China has basically mastered the manufacture of copper indium gallium selenide thin film solar cell equipment, technology, and battery components manufactured core technology, completed a small area of laboratory technology to large area solar cell technology leap in the test for the development of independent intellectual property rights production line and laid a good foundation. CIGS thin film solar cell is a multi-compound semiconductor photovoltaic devices, with a ratio of the sensitive and complex multi-element structure, so its preparation process and the most demanding conditions, industrialization process is very slow. Germany, Japan and the United States insisted for years invested heavily in the development, only the German W眉rth Solar's 15 MW production line to truly achieve a large-scale production.

CIGS thin film solar cells with low production cost, little pollution, no recession, low-light performance and other significant characteristics, photoelectric conversion efficiency ranks first in all kinds of thin film solar cells, close to crystalline silicon solar cells, and the cost is the crystal one-third of silicon cells, the internationally known as the next era of very promising new type of thin film solar cells, is a hot research and development in recent years. In addition, the battery has a soft, uniform black appearance, is required for the appearance of a higher ideal places, such as curtain walls and other large buildings in areas of modern high-rise buildings also will have a huge market. Nankai University of copper indium selenide thin film solar cell has 19 years of history, long-term living in the domestic leading position.

"863 copper indium selenide thin film solar cells in the test base" by Nankai University and Tianjin Bonded Zone Investment Company and Professor Sun Yun Nankai University in Tianjin Binhai New Area Task Force co-created. Much lower than in research funding under the conditions of similar projects abroad, the research group has overcome great difficulties, after years of efforts, developed a series of thin film deposition equipment and overcome many technical difficulties, the establishment of an international standard test platform. June 2007 by the Nankai University in Tianjin Bonded Zone Investment Company and the Task Force and copper indium selenide co-funded the establishment of industry, academia, research integration, joint-stock company to test technology in the enterprise approach to development, funding completed in the multi-copper indium gallium selenide thin film solar cells in the pilot plant and various ancillary facilities, and domestic equipment manufacturers to develop a large area CIGS thin film solar cell manufacturing equipment, break through bottlenecks in a number of key technologies, completed the full process flow through, the accumulation of a lot of scientific data and experience.


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