Countryside policies to boost the solar thermal industry contrarian up

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Countryside policies to boost the solar thermal industry contrarian up

After the global financial crisis after the first half of 2009, on China's economy began a strong rebound is expected to spread around the world. Despite expectations that more and more intense, more and more signs of recovery, but the impact of warmer still a lot of various factors, the outlook is still not so clear. Instability in external demand, domestic demand, investment in sustainable difficult, difficult issues such as consumption growth is gradually revealed; steel, real estate, new energy industry is experiencing shock ... ... of the Chinese economy is destined bumpy road to recovery, in such a rough terrain, the Sohu Finance and concern the continuous tracking investment, consumption, exports, and several major pillar of the industry trend to "Sohu Finance series of reports to recovery" in the form of a series of interviews, analysis and interpretation to In our analysis, so users in touch with the observation of the context of China's economic development.

Started in the last 70 years the world's solar thermal industry in China, and now has a relatively strong vitality in the global economic crisis, not only did not shrink, but there contrarian up. Moreover, solar thermal industry is celebrating its greatest opportunity for development - national response to the global financial crisis and launched the global climate crisis, "Green New Deal."

Economic crisis, rising solar thermal industry contrarian

China has been the growth of solar thermal industry can be described as "self-reliance, hard work," buck the trend in the rising economic crisis, but also the accumulation of 30 years of development. Today, China's solar water heater has been formed with completely independent intellectual property rights of patented technology, a relatively complete industrial chain and developed domestic market.

Solar thermal industry is in China, mainly solar water heater industry. According to the China Renewable Energy Society, Vice Chairman Meng Xiangan Description: In 2008, China solar water heater production has reached 30 million square meters, accounting for 80% of the world, the total ownership has reached 120 million square meters. Average per square meter of solar water heaters replace 150 kg of standard coal by 10-year life span, to replace the 1,500 kg of standard coal, and solar water heaters, energy consumption per square meter of only 70 kilograms of standard coal. The energy saving effect is very significant.

Unknowingly, China has become the world's largest production and use of solar water heaters country. However, China's per capita amount of solar water heater is less than some developed countries. How to expand the use of solar water heaters in China, the scope of our focus.

"Solar countryside" policy activation of the rural market

Response to the economic crisis, countries in the expansion of domestic demand following the "home appliances" and later launched a "solar water heater to the countryside." This policy drew more than 150 solar energy companies involved in bidding, the final Emperor Ming, Li and other 90 companies Norit successful.

Water heater to the countryside for all sectors of society are given a positive evaluation, Meng Xiangan Sohu Finance in an interview that the solar energy to rural areas should not just be a campaign, but should become a regular market behavior. If the farmers need not be non-solar water heater solar energy to rural areas from the obtained in this way, it should always be able to get from the market. In addition, the Mengxian Gan also stressed that we must attach importance to the countryside after the solar water heater service and maintenance problems.

This is also a lot of solar water heater manufacturers recognized. "The rural market areas widely scattered in time for farmers to provide the installation and maintenance service is the key to win the rural market." Emperor Ming Huang Ming, Chairman Finance in an interview with Sohu also stressed the importance of service.

According to Huang Ming introduction, Emperor Ming Group is currently in the country has established more than 5600 service stations in rural areas, with over 15,000 village-level liaison services, the formation of multi-cross network of services. He said building such a network is to protect the Emperor Ming depth of service to the village, for dealers and users with easy installation, service and technical support. Other companies are building successful network of services in rural areas give a great investment.

Luo Qingqi, senior expert of home appliances, said China's solar industry there is a "more complex, chaotic," the problem. Solar water heater as color TV, refrigerator, is large household durable goods, rely on after-sales maintenance of solar energy, consumers are very concerned about the quality of products, service and good brand reputation. Now the solar industry is relatively arbitrary, and many enterprises are workshops enterprises, products and services not only failed, and even there are a lot of hidden dangers.

Use of solar thermal industry alliance Luo Zhentao director, said that companies want to engage in semi-manufactured solar water heater, a full set of products to the countryside should be clear, gauges, valves, electric auxiliary heating should be on the roof of accessories available to consumers a full set. At the same time successful enterprises should strengthen self-discipline, strict quality control to eliminate price wars. He said: "The industry-wide price war to prevent the phenomenon, in addition to their successful enterprises and not to low-cost marketing, should also put an end to the vicious enterprises with non-winning low-cost competition."


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