Delphi developed lightweight electric vehicle charger

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Delphi developed lightweight electric vehicle charger

U.S. Delphi (Delphi) and the company has chargers developer and manufacturer of the United States ClipperCreek jointly developed a lightweight electric vehicle charger.

Recently, the two companies will jointly develop, manufacture, sales EV and plug-in hybrids (PHEV) charging system agreement. ClipperCreek's representative products can be mobile charger "PCS-15", the support of the U.S. daily home charger voltage of 120V and 15A current, with a pin and use of vehicles connected with the commercial power outlet. There is also support 240V voltage, 100A current rapid charger.

ClipperCreek is headquartered in Auburn, Calif., venture, currently in development and sales for MINI-E electric vehicles, the United States Tesla Roadster electric car vehicles, and General Motors, Chevrolet Volt and other models charger .

Delphi through the PCS-15 implementation of the user experience activities, research using the convenient shape and popular design, developed a self-performance products. Delphi said that the future will be for all the EV and PHEV models of manufacturing companies, to create a universal charger to adapt to most models.

Sun power inverter to obtain T Ü V NEG world's first certification

Recently, a series of sun power grid inverter SG3KTL, SG4KTL passed the internationally renowned certification agency-TuV NEG, NEG TuV get the German technical inspection agency issued the largest world's first grid-connected inverter Product Certification .

PV grid-connected inverter is the core component of photovoltaic power generation system, technically demanding, competition is fierce, especially in Europe, PV has developed into a mature industry, related products, testing and access standards are very strict, With good design and excellent technical specifications, sun power SG3KTL, SG4KTL product passed all safety and EMC testing, successfully obtain certification to become the world's first and Nande TuV inverter TuV certificate holder.

As the European certification authority, TuV Nande certification effect is widely accepted in Europe. The sun power inverter series and successfully obtained certification TuV NEG, has once again proven its reliability, enhance the credibility of the product, for the sun to enter the European market power provides a strong support.

JA Solar first quarter shipments of 250 MW super-

Recently, from JA Solar good news: in the first quarter, the company's solar cell shipments of more than 250 megawatts, the equivalent of 2009 full-year sales of about 50%, creating a single-season production and sales of solar cells high.

With the global economy pick up, the PV market is gradually entering the hot phase. As the world's sixth-largest solar cell manufacturer JA Solar's current market seize the favorable opportunity, full capacity in time order. The company is expanding production of silicon solar cells also increased the production capacity of polysilicon ingots and by refining the management efforts to reduce production costs. The company's scientific and technological innovation as the focus of sustainable development, increasing research investment, at present, has been applied for 23 patents, new research and development of silicon solar cells conversion efficiency of 18.7%, with a leading international level, in order to build a foundation for innovative companies.

JA excellent company by market share, improve product quality, its products not only in the European market is strong and has won many new customers in Asia and China, products are sold to Germany, the United States, France, more than 10 countries and regions.

Twin-engine technology or electric vehicles will be out of the existing charger

Siemens CeBIT IT fair in Hannover, Germany International Motor Show to launch several key components of electric vehicles, including the integrated battery charging system and the twin engines for electric sports car concept. With the Porsche is known for providing customized products of the German Ruf Automobile GmbH company also introduced a Porsche body integrated all-electric powertrain and vehicle products. In its booth, the company developed by Siemens exhibited dual electric engine-driven vehicles eRuf Greenster. The direct model allows the vehicle's high-voltage battery (400V) charge, without the usual charge is used to control the price of expensive electronic circuitry.

In addition, Siemens has also exhibited at the same time charging of electric vehicles for the more "satellite-based" central charging station concept. Charging station control software is responsible for collecting, processing, and business data processing system to recognize the format of transmission data associated with the charging process.

At CeBIT, Siemens also unveiled another concept concerns the process of charging the battery. The technology is designed to interact with the smart grid, in a system integrating the power and communication functions for connecting power, internal power supply systems of vehicles, traffic management systems and customer account data, is an important part of the smart grid is one . With it, you can achieve the power and energy flow between the vehicle distribution and control. The technology uses SAP software.


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