Demand for polycrystalline silicon solar cells to pick up emergency supplies

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Demand for polycrystalline silicon solar cells to pick up emergency supplies

China Investment Advisory Network News parent company, Xuzhou in the silicon industry ─ GCL, CEO Jiang Yu noted that the demand for solar heating, recently ran the upstream supply of polysilicon has been pressure, coupled with limited domestic overseas wafer start imports, while bidding for projects in 2010 has now reached 2GW (20 billion watts), it is estimated that solar cell material shortage problems will continue, but before the end of the price of polysilicon can also steady.

Solar cell industry in the global financial crisis, falling demand, until the third quarter of this year into the industry after the peak season in Europe, a stronger U.S. demand, coupled with domestic coded support for solar cell industry, following the introduction of subsidies for solar roofs program planning in the Dunhuang, Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang after the solar power plants in remote areas cover more than 7 Golden Sun released last month demonstration project on the implementation of the notification, it holds many lessons for good demand. Jiang Yu also disclosed that at present in the silicon industry will do much to sell much more than the pressure of an emergency capacity.

Looking up, Jiang Yu analysis, Department of Environmental Protection recently announced the adjustment of import of waste management directory, which was to restrict imports of products, including waste of semiconductor wafer materials such as head and tail, this will undoubtedly limit the upstream solar silicon materials, imports of silicon wafer, even if we wanted to import, they have to wait 3 months approval time; coupled with a growing number of solar tenders should be gradually released, which is also tender in 2010 to determine to 2GW, the short-term polycrystalline silicon solar cells will always be in the upper reaches of the dilemma is not enough to sell under.

Poly silicon offer, demand stabilized in the third quarter, the current per kg

The price has rebounded to 60 U.S. dollars, Jiang Yu material shortage problem that will not improve before the end of this year, so the price of polysilicon by the end of this year there will not be much change. As part of the silicon industry, recently also announced its own cost about 36 U.S. dollars per kg in the upper and lower, so profits will continue at the next stage.

To meet the strong market demand for polysilicon, with the silicon industry to foreign countries in support of industrial policy to foster the establishment of solar power plants, has made Europe and America about 400MW (4 million watts) of the contract, while economic development in Xuzhou area set up 20MW power plant, in the silicon industry expansion continued into the polysilicon, the maximum annual capacity this year to 1.8 million tons.


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