Development of new energy challenges and opportunities focusing on independent innovation of China Battery Company

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Development of new energy challenges and opportunities focusing on independent innovation of China Battery Company

Citation: The Second China (Shanghai) International Battery Power Products and Technology Exhibition "will be held 8-10 April 2010 at the Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center was held. Experts point out that most Chinese enterprises for battery performance, product features and other core technologies are still exploring, the battery business in order to ultimately win the market really need to strengthen the independent innovation capability, master-class core technologies. The exhibition and technology exchange for the industry to create a break through the bottleneck effective platform.

China is the world's second largest energy producer, is the world's second largest energy consumer. In the process of accelerated urbanization and industrialization, today, the energy problem has become limited, rapid and healthy development of China is an important bottleneck. Increasing scarcity of traditional energy and the environment is getting worse, greatly promoted the development of new energy sources. Adjust the energy structure, developing a rich, clean and new energy is not only to achieve energy, economic and environmental development of the inevitable choice, but also reduce international dependence on oil to ensure energy security. It is foreseeable that China will soon be the great development of new energy. Large-scale development of new energy sources and promote energy conservation and environmental protection need planning large-capacity storage industry, which for the future development of the battery companies have significant opportunities and challenges. Who can seize new market opportunities in energy development, who will be able to compete in an invincible position, effectively resist the financial crisis.

Battery operation of new energy vehicles into weak links

New energy saving and environmental protection advantages of car is very consistent with our current uphold the concept of sustainable development and construction of resource-intensive and environment-friendly society concept. Development of new energy vehicles in China a world power to fulfill the responsibility, jointly combat climate change is an important path. With the increase of policy support, technical level, of the development of new energy automotive industry will be growing, has emerged BYD, Chery has greater influence on the new energy vehicles behalf of the enterprise.

To further promote the industrialization of new energy vehicles, the process of marketing high technology products to solve the initial conflicts between the size and cost, on a larger scale application of new energy vehicles, Science and Technology and the Ministry of Finance jointly launched the "city of one thousand ten" Application of electric vehicle demonstration project. Decision within 3 years, the development of 10 cities each year, each city in public transportation, rental, service, municipal, and other areas of the Post 1000 introduced a new energy vehicles to carry out demonstration run, and strive to make the country the scale of the operation of new energy vehicles in 2012 accounted for car market share of 10%.

Experts pointed out that under the current policy to stimulate the emergence of some enterprises in order to obtain state financial subsidies, not from the accumulation of intellectual property in R & D start, but the battery can not wait to buy key components from abroad for assembly and control system, the so-called "system integration", the potential risk is the core technology of electric vehicles still can not own hands, "assembling" the popular can easily lead to a sharp slowdown in the pace of independent innovation. The three new key components of energy vehicles battery, motor, electric control, the weakest link domestic enterprises is the battery, the battery performance, reliability and product functions are still exploring, is far from production levels. This means that the battery companies to win the market, we must continuously improve its product price, to compete for new energy markets in the war to the fore.

Relying on high-end global battery industry cluster event

Huge market potential, the industry needs high-quality event to promote the rapid growth of the power battery industry. Approved by the Ministry of the People's Republic of China Institute of Electronics, Power Industry Association and Guangdong Province Zhenwei Group co-hosted "The Second China (Shanghai) International Battery Power Products and Technology Exhibition", April 8 2010 -10 at the Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center was held.

According to organizers, the last show at the Canton Fair Pazhou Complex, a success. Exhibition attracted more than 250 from around the world leading battery power industry suppliers, including the C & D (C & D), BAK Battery, Great Power batteries, four of sea power, LEOCH power, Ruby precision machinery, electrical Lange, ho to science and technology, Arima E, Beckman Kurt other to the global communications, telecommunications, electric power, electronics, transportation and other industries show the most of today's leading battery power products and technical equipment. The exhibition is expected to total exhibition area will reach 1.5 million square meters, attracted 18,000 professional visitors from home and abroad and buyers to attend the procurement, of which Guangzhou Lange electrical equipment, Dongguan HOSSONI Lithium Technology are 180 square meters will be The display size costumes appearance.

"The exhibition held in Shanghai was chosen, because Shanghai is China's economic and financial center, with other regions can not match the geographic advantage, the role of foreign investment in significant radiation center. Yangtze River Delta is the world's key advanced manufacturing base, formed a new energy power batteries with the international competitiveness of strategic industry clusters, a collection development, design, production, processing and international marketing and strong business features in one of the world's major production base of advanced manufacturing. and Shanghai next year will host the World Expo, will be an enterprise to the international market, brand awareness, expand trade, to better integrate into the Yangtze River Delta market is an important historic opportunity. "Exhibition of China, vice president of economic research, general manager Zhang Shan Zhenwei Group said.

It is understood that the exhibition will be held simultaneously, "2010 China International Industry Fair supercapacitor." "Super capacitor" is the most promising of the century a new type of green energy, a variety of chemical power sources in the current, super capacitors higher cost, excellent safety, energy conservation and environmental protection, public transportation in the city center area has a good prospect . Use of alternative energy technologies in vehicles, a new type of super capacitor is a key component. Eventually replace the battery energy storage capacitors, this new type of green energy as revolutionary. As the only super-power professional exhibition, the show attracted the majority of super-capacitors at home and abroad enterprises, such as LS, Korchip, CAP-XX, 3J & J, on Haiao Wei, Harbin Ju Yung, Cabernet, Kai Mei, Sheng Mei, Double Teng, Ming-Kun E, Mori plateau activated carbon, combined carbon and other enterprises to take part of.


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