E-Chemistry: Battery and LCD with explosive

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E-Chemistry: Battery and LCD with explosive

The recent A-share market to form a new investment trend that institutional funds that meet the industry trends of the stocks to be active configuration, resulting in a another strong unit, such as pre-Ding Long shares, such as the recent state of the new universe . It can be seen from the recent disk, outlook is closely related with the electronics industry of electronic chemicals unit will face new opportunities for development.

The pace of development of the industry that

The so-called electro-chemical industry, generally refers to the electronics industry supporting specialty chemicals, including chemicals, integrated circuits and discrete devices, printed circuit board supporting the use of chemicals, chemicals and surface assembly of chemicals and other display devices. Thus, the electronic chemicals industry are obvious.

Mainly, first, high-growth industry. Because the electronic and chemical products are mostly closely related to the electronics industry, electronic industry room to grow more optimistic, and thus boost the electronic chemicals industry boom of recent years, the lithium battery electrolyte performance of listed companies related to the data reflect the high growth this point. Second, the electronic chemicals market share higher. Electrochemical strain chemistry, chemical engineering, materials science, electrical engineering with a comprehensive multi-disciplinary subject areas, industry segments, higher market concentration, the larger the market share of leading enterprises, is the electronic chemicals industry, the general characteristics. Which in the battery separator, Fosugufen is the leading domestic manufacturers of varieties. The lithium battery electrolyte, also mainly concentrated in Jiangsu Guotai, new chou, Shanshan, and a small part of the listed companies. The third is a typical sunrise industry characteristics. As electronic chemicals and downstream industries are linked closely together, new energy, information and communications, consumer electronics and other downstream industries changing rapidly, will require that the electronic chemicals accelerating the replacement rate, increasing pressure on corporate R & D, so that the electronic chemicals industry is A typical sunrise industry.

The performance of the two industry segments have the opportunity

For now, I believe that there are two major industry segments can be cause for concern. First, the battery's electronic chemicals business of stocks. As hybrid vehicles, electric vehicle industry gradually, more and more money began to identify the battery business will have a substantial qualitative change around the battery to start the electronic chemical products will be faced with a qualitative change. One new chou, Jiangsu Guotai Fosugufen other varieties can be actively tracked.

Second, the LCD industry chain of related electronic chemicals stocks. In recent years, with the rapid development of China's TV industry, liquid crystal display industry is also faced with explosive growth, from the TCL Group, Hisense Group, Sichuan Changhong invested heavily in LCD manufacturing line can be a reflection of this. So, around the start of the electronic liquid crystal display device will also be faced with the chemical explosive growth trend. Seven of them electronic, never too much technology, Chengzhigufen other firms may be concerned about.

2020 lithium-ion battery market demand analysis

PRTM company on March 26, 2010 release of market forecast that the global large-size lithium-ion batteries such as Li-ion battery market in the next few years, a lot of excess production capacity in 2015 will exceed 100%.

However, Global E-Mobility Practice said, the long term, the concept of excess capacity is unfounded, and, in fact, may require a substantial increase in the ability to support the electric vehicle transportation market long-term growth.

PRTM's assessment is based on market dynamics:

In the "most likely" case, the battery manufacturing capacity in 2016 will be a shortfall, some battery manufacturers have recently announced investment in additional production capacity in order to avoid lithium-ion battery to 30 percent shortage of 2017.

Lithium-ion batteries in 2020 the total market would need about 200GWh of capacity, which is determined so far has announced to increase the capacity of 50GWh four times.

A leading battery manufacturer's global assessment of the impact that the United States and Europe are facing in the battery manufacturing capacity deficiencies.

Asia so far has been the consumer electronics use lithium-ion battery production centers. As the world many countries are considering building automotive battery manufacturing plant to meet rising demand for electric vehicles in the transport sector, according to the current level of investment in Asia is still positioned to remain the world's leading net exporter of automotive batteries Area position. U.S. and European investment to date in battery production, overseas investment continued to rise, will increase global competition. These investments include non-automotive battery market, including investment, is expected to reach $ 60 billion in 2020. These risks include investment in this sector will create high-quality staff jobs.

PRTM analysis, and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) by 2020 is expected global market share of nearly 10%.


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