Electric car Karmann E3 - test drives planned

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Electric car Karmann E3 - test drives planned

Electric car Karmann E3 - test drives planned

The energy company EWE AG and the small car manufacturer Karmann e-mobile have the Karmann GmbH, E3 developed an electric car. The first tests are planned and already in 2011 the serial production started. The focus of the small electric car is on both the electric power and information technology. Information technology is the Karmann E3 will enable the exchange via GSM directly with charging stations. The driver can access the Internet and it is a statement of loading costs regardless of the location should be possible.

Technically, the four-seat electric vehicle with a 37-kilowatt synchronous electric motor has been fitted. The range will amount to manufacturer's instructions to 150 to 200 kilometers and thus would be the ideal vehicle for most commuters. In the area of battery development and the information technology of the electric car manufacturer expects to support the Federal Ministry of Economics. In addition to the Karmann E3 is also electrically powered vehicles are in development. Light trucks are to have one battery charge a range 75-150 km. According to the plans until the end of 2011 it should be discontinued as the lower limit of at least 200 vehicles.


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