Electrodes, membranes and electrolytes

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Electrodes, membranes and electrolytes

Redoxflow Batteries

Today, electricity is usually stored as energy in storage pumped storage power plants. The power plants have an upper and a lower reservoir. With low demand for electricity, the water with electrical energy, against the force of gravity in the higher-level reservoir is pumped.

The stored water in the upper reservoir can be used to drive the power turbines in order to regain power. The downside: The stores have a relatively low efficiency - so much energy is lost. And they need special geographical conditions - no gap is not current.

Compressed air in the basement of the Earth
One possibility hold electrical energy, providing compressed air storage. This air is compressed and stored in underground caverns, but also their availability is limited.

The prototype of a battery Redoxflow

No question: In order to make electricity from wind and sun to calculate and competitive, a need for new high-performance storage systems. A promising are Redoxflow storage batteries. This enables long-term hold on power for hours or days, and in large quantities. The actual energy storage are liquid electrolytes and stored in tanks.

"Lull prevails or not the sun is the energy stored in a Redoxflow electrode stack, similar to the construction of a fuel cell, converted back into electricity," says Dr. Jens Tübke from the Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology ICT.

Redox Batteries: Smaller and more durable

Compared to conventional lead-acid batteries are redox batteries in these memory sizes smaller, and especially long-lived - they have about ten times longer life. The disadvantage is that they are still in proportion to the power and energy density can be expensive.

Researchers at the ICT will change that: "We have built a prototype developed Redoxflow battery, with which we can test various electrode materials, membranes and electrolytes as flexibly as possible," explained Tübke the approach of the ICT researchers. "In order to compare different redox systems in a test setup. So we can work out the pros and cons of each system clean and test new materials. "

In our mobile world power from the preserve is in high demand. So that we can go in the future not only environmentally friendly car, but also use energy from wind and solar power efficiently, we need new storage systems.

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