Europe needs more than 16% conversion efficiency of solar cells

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Europe needs more than 16% conversion efficiency of solar cells

As demand gradually warmed, the European market for solar cell conversion efficiency requirement is rising, many solar-cell factory that recently some European customer requirements, conversion efficiency of polycrystalline solar cells must be above 16% ~ 16.2%, conversion rate This will gradually be classified under the low regulatory products.

Part of the solar-cell factory that always requires high-quality European market, the recent conversion efficiency of solar cells required to enhance the movement of 15.8%% from the previous standard of about 16% jumped to 16.2% or more.

The industry believes, resulting in conversion efficiency of solar cells in addition to upgrading the main reason for upgrading product quality, the lack of polysilicon than in the past, the case of lower mixing of pure silicon can promote conversion efficiency is also a factor.

In 2009, the number of solar cell industry to actively enhance the conversion efficiency of solar cells, including polycrystalline, monocrystalline solar cells, respectively, to challenge the 17% and 18% conversion efficiency goals, is expected in the second half will also be introduced into mass production, but because each companies use different techniques to try to cross the threshold of the conversion efficiency, if the production will produce different results, rather than the majority of practitioners can be successful production companies.

Production of solar cells to industry sources, in addition to efficiency improvement, the production costs of the assessment is considered the most important part, if invested large sums of money, manpower and equipment was increased by 1% conversion efficiency, but not in the short term the effective recovery of costs, then does not mean that effectively improves the conversion efficiency.


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