"Fashion" by venture battery factory

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"Fashion" by venture battery factory

Today's electronic products and accessories are becoming more sophisticated and complex as the source of battery power have to follow weight-loss. This is in Florida Solicore offers a huge market, the company is ultra-thin flexible Flexion brand lithium battery development, manufacturing and suppliers.

The company found that the most lucrative returns is "smart" credit cards, such as the U.S. bank to issue a credit card can generate a one-time password to protect credit card security. The Solicore in this market occupy a favorable position, because it produced a battery the size of a postage stamp, the thickness of no more than half of credit cards, and embedded in the card can withstand high temperature operation must undergo.

Production company is working with technology giant Rogers Group co-financing of the Communists in the two preferred stock $ 13,200,000. Rogers, senior vice president and chief technology officer said: "We are very interested in this company, because they in their own industry and the technical strength in emerging markets are the top."

Bump 'clean materials recycling used batteries key technologies and their industrialization, "the project through the scientific and technological achievements in Beijing

May 26, 2010, Tsinghua University, China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association hosted nickel and cobalt from Foshan Bump Technology Co., Ltd., Tsinghua University, Beijing Research Institute of Mining and Metallurgy in collaboration of the "clean materials recycling used batteries key technologies and its industrialization "results of the project appraisal.

Identification of the Committee by the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association vice president for health, Professor button, Chinese Academy of Engineering and Chinese Academy of Engineering Chemical, Metallurgical and Materials Division Deputy Director Professor Qiu Dingfan, Chinese Academy of Engineering, Beijing Nonferrous Metal Research Institute Professor Zhang Guocheng, Peking University Institute of Energy and Resources Engineering Department Professor Wang Xidong, the National Natural Science Foundation of Engineering and Materials Division Zhu Wangxi researcher, University of Metallurgical Science and Engineering, Central South University Professor Zhang Chuanfu, Beijing University of Technology of Metallurgical and Ecological Engineering Dean Professor Guo Zhancheng, China Nonferrous Engineering Deputy Chief Engineer Professor Lu Yeda Research Institute and Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of clean production technology hydrometallurgy main Ren Qitao National Engineering Laboratory researchers and other experts. Bump president Li Changdong attend appraisal, and appraisal by the experts unanimously thanked.

Evaluation committee listened carefully to Dr. Xu Shengming made on behalf of the project team of technical studies, and watched the live video production. Earlier, on May 20 buttons for health president and his entourage have production base in Hunan Bump went to inspect the part of experts in the study note. After full discussion and questions, the Committee agreed that the identification of "waste battery recycling materials, key technologies and clean industry," a groundbreaking project, clean recycling of used batteries is important, the overall technology reached the international advanced level, it is recommended to further promote the use of .

The project relies on the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the national "Eleventh Five-Year" plan to support key projects and other topics, nickel and cobalt from Foshan Bump Technology Co., Ltd., INET, Tsinghua University and Beijing Mining Research Institute together. Project has developed a "large glove box in the decomposition of semi-mechanized and manual dismantling batteries, selective extraction and separation, deployment of chemical composition," and many sets of advanced technologies. Recycling of waste batteries in the process of cleaning materials prepared successfully nickel cobalt manganese hydroxide precursor, cathode composite materials, and ultra-fine cobalt powder, nickel powder and special powders.

At present, Foshan City, nickel and cobalt Bump in the City Group Co., Ltd. "national resource-saving and environment-friendly society to build a comprehensive reform pilot area," the pilot area, has built a second-year deal with 5000 tons of used batteries, annual output of 4,000 tons of battery material production line. The result shows that the process reasonable and reliable, stable product quality. Since starting production in May 2009, has achieved the output value 160 million yuan, economic and social benefits.

Southwest's first electric vehicle battery base in Chongqing

Recently, the Boston company to create the Southwest battery first electric vehicle battery production base in the Fuling District, Fuling Industrial Park officially started. The fastest growing battery production base can be put into operation in late October this year.

Boston's lithium production base in Chongqing total investment of U.S. $ 150 million, across the board after the completion of the project, the estimated output value will reach $ 200 million. Boston Battery Company is the world's leading manufacturers of lithium batteries, the battery company, not only for HP, Dell, Lenovo and other notebook computer accessory, but also for Volvo, Ford and other car brand power battery production. Electric car battery production base was established for the production of electric vehicles Chongqing enterprises to provide strong support


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