FAW confirm the abandoned mine-day battery

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FAW confirm the abandoned mine-day battery

According to reports, Ray Chung Jia Xin big shareholders, many times previously spread to the mainland media, will invest heavily mine-day co-operation with the Mainland depot, build electric vehicles, even threatened with the mainland state-owned auto giant First Automobile Group (referred to as "a steam ") has signed a cooperation agreement, over a hundred billion investment to build production base in Tangshan. However, the complaint letter in the middle FAW Lei tested the battery after the day that the inconsistent quality, so have abandoned. FAW electric car business leader to accept newspaper query, also confirmed to give up the use of mine-day battery, no plans for further joint venture with Ray Day project.

Complaint letter said the FAW over the piloting Thunder days battery that fails to meet factory requirements while Thunder Sky Battery has no official testing and certification, and ultimately abandoned mine day battery. FAW passenger car department is responsible for the electric vehicle business head boy, responded that indeed there have tried to use mine the battery on the day on the bus itself, but in the end there is no mass production, was asked why, he said, "I specifically is not to say, in short, it does not meet our requirements. "As for Chung Jia Xin has vowed to joint venture with FAW billion, he is simply known, there are no plans for further joint venture with Ray Day project.

FAW has been adopted in the current Air lithium battery, lithium battery electric vehicles in the Air Ministry, Liu minister, said the plant cell has already been testing battery testing center, but said the FAW have not heard mine days before using the battery.

Shenzhen, said the business license is not withdrawn frozen

In addition, GAIN in the earlier acquisition of documents, disclosure of the HKEx have received complaints, said Lei Day Lei Day in Shenzhen, frozen green power source company assets, has stopped operating, paper cites Ray-day refers to the Shenzhen company has not been revocation of business license. Ray days to respond to explain the company's assets has not been cold junction, but who have been entrusted to the Shenzhen Municipal Government, apply for green power source to freeze mine-day bank account Shenzhen Tao lawyer, said the Shenzhen Shenzhen's account has been frozen by the court did, Although not yet revoked the business license, but only "technically" not closed it.

Battery testing new technology invented at Cambridge University

University of Cambridge scientists have recently discovered a lithium battery can overheat and catch fire hazard elimination method. The core of this approach is the use of MRI technology to scan the internal chemical composition analysis of lithium.

Lithium is now widely used in various devices, but the biggest drawback is the battery overheated and caught fire hazards exist, the lithium battery on fire in recent years, repeatedly hit the newspapers reported. Especially in the fast-charge lithium when the fire burned more likely. According to analysis, the fast charging, the lithium battery inside the fiber will be attached to the carbon electrode, and this phenomenon will cause the battery to short circuit, causing the battery to overheat and catch fire thus burning, or explosion.

Cambridge University research can detect such a defect within the lithium molding time, and analyze under what conditions will the danger of carbon formed on the electrode structure. The researchers said: "Our new detection method can detect the lithium batteries will be under what conditions, the carbon electrode to form such a harmful film structure, so scientists can follow it to find ways to solve this problem."

Chery to join for battery electric vehicles can be

Recently, the U.S. BetterPlace companies Chery and technical cooperation agreement signed in Beijing. The two sides plan to jointly develop replacement battery electric vehicles, and to study the electric car charging network solutions, thereby contributing to China's new energy automotive industry.

After years of independent research and development, Chery mastered the battery and battery management systems, motors and motor control system and vehicle control three core technology of new energy vehicles. BetterPlace is a company for the operation of electric car infrastructure company, with car companies, battery manufacturers, power companies to build infrastructure, to solve the new energy vehicle charging time is long, life short mileage and so on. The strategic cooperation with Chery will give full play to their strengths BetterPlace, replaceable battery electric vehicles in development, infrastructure construction and other areas of cooperation networks. Currently, electric vehicles like cars Chery G5 has begun to develop.

Eamex other developed using solid electrolyte dye-sensitized solar cells

Kyushu University, Japan Eamex and Engineering Research Institute of Applied Chemistry department functions Atsushi Yamada, a professor of chemistry Organization announced the development of the use of solid electrolyte dye-sensitized solar cells. Although the current energy conversion efficiency is only about 1%, but "through optimization techniques, is estimated to about 10% is not a problem" (Eamex Representative Director, Sewa letter I).

Sewa, said the solar cell of the basic principles of power generation dye-sensitized. Only (1) the use of solid rather than liquid electrolyte; (2) + porous electrode using a tree instead of ITO and other transparent gold film electrodes can be realized based on the sensitization of plasma resonance effect, these two points different from before.

(1) solid electrolytes based on ion exchange resin to form. Seto and said that this was Eamex lithium-ion rechargeable battery and on artificial muscle actuators, "studied the 13-year results." It is reported that through the use of solid electrolyte, solve the dye-sensitized solar cells there are durability issues. In addition, the advantages of a thin to 0.2mm.

(2) of the tree is Eamex electrode developed tin-based lithium-ion rechargeable battery cathode materials. By plating processing, the electrode surface in the sunlight, it can produce plasma resonance.

Plasma resonance is the metal surface of the light and electron resonance phenomenon. For solar cells, the greatly improved light efficiency, so the recent 1-2 years, be used for solar cell research and venture companies increased dramatically. Kyushu University, Yamada Lab also specializes in the plasma optical research. "From the official conduct joint research with Kyushu University" (Eamex).

Eamex said, "because without the use of infrared absorption of ITO, but also improve the utilization of infrared light area, so rain output power can be maintained for the sunny days of 50%."


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