First layout of the new energy electric car charging stations in Shenzhen want to grab the standard record

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First layout of the new energy electric car charging stations in Shenzhen want to grab the standard record

With the introduction of national policy, two weeks before the official introduction of Shenzhen, the "private subsidies for new energy vehicles", identify the national government subsidies on the basis of dual-mode electric vehicles, pure electric vehicles additional subsidies, direct subsidies to the enterprise funds , the maximum amount of 120,000.

In fact, since last year, whether it is the world's first plug-in BYD dual-mode electric vehicle market F3D M, Southern Power Grid is still a big operations center start electric car charging stations, electric car on the Shenzhen frequently force. Both with the government behind the strong force, and the future of industrial layout and Shenzhen are closely related.

With the opening of the era of electric vehicles in Shenzhen, an electric vehicle charging facilities and interdependence, mutual promotion and common form of new industry chain has been the early embryo. However, senior automotive expert Zhang Zhiyong also warns that despite the Shenzhen to take the country with the largest subsidies to address cost barriers to purchase, to realize large-scale production needed a longer test of time, the government and enterprises should fully understand the tough market, but also have enough patience.

Starting a new electric car energy industry

New low-carbon economy, energy industry is an important component, demonstration and popularization of new energy vehicles is directly related to the future of this emerging industry growth rate, the optimal adjustment of industrial structure, foster new economic growth point, the development of low-carbon economy is important.

More importantly, the auto industry is in the internal combustion engine to electric motor critical period of transition, the United States, Japan and other developed countries have introduced policies to support the development of new energy automotive industry, invested heavily in electric vehicle research and development, and the establishment of a model electric car charging station. At this point, the development of new energy vehicle technology and foreign basic synchronization, in some areas is still in the lead, which narrowed the gap with developed countries, the automobile industry, is to revitalize the domestic automobile industry an excellent opportunity.

This is no doubt soon be seeking a phase of industrial upgrading in Shenzhen. Late last year, new energy and the Internet, bio-medicine with the future development of the Shenzhen included three new industries, but the rules and layout gradually taken shape as early as a few years ago already.

In 2005, Shenzhen City, take the 863 new energy vehicles, test subjects, the first opening of the Shenzhen model hybrid transit bus line, the first hybrid bus put into seven buses, three-run total mileage of 284 kilometers. Inspection results show that the hybrid bus has a good energy saving effect, the average saving rate of 26.5%, exhaust emissions meet Euro Ⅳ standard. 2007 and 2008, respectively, in Shenzhen and with the "city of Shenzhen, a typical operating conditions of electric vehicle demonstration runs technology assessment study" and "deep large-scale demonstration of electric vehicles to run Hong Kong and Macao" and 863 topics.

At the same time, BYD, represented by companies such as Continental Long Shenzhen rapid rise of new energy vehicles. Among them, the BYD car in the new energy R & D and production to achieve the advanced level, the world's first dual-mode plug-in electric vehicles F3D M has been listed, F6D M pure electric cars will soon launch in September this year. Continental Long companies have hybrid vehicles 8 years R & D, production experience, is the nation's first hybrid bus manufacturers export products have been successfully exported to the United States, the Philippines, Macao and other countries and regions. Meanwhile, the BAK Battery, Hang Sheng Electronics, and a number of new energy Solchem key auto parts enterprises to rapidly rise, the initial formation of the distinctive features of the new energy automotive industry systems into new economic growth point in Shenzhen.

According to Shenzhen, the new energy automotive industry plan, by 2012, the city's public transportation (rental), public service, private car three focus areas, demonstration and extension types of new energy vehicles 24000, building all kinds of new energy vehicle charging station (pile) 12750 . To reach 10 million units by 2015 (about the current car ownership in Shenzhen for more than 6 percent). Meanwhile, the construction of various types of new energy vehicle charging station (pile) 12750, in which bus rapid, slow the charging station 25, the pile 2500 official vehicle charging, public charge pile 10000 slow, fast charging stations 200 .

Want to grab the standard charging station of the first in Shenzhen

Automotive industry in the development of new energy systems, electric vehicle charging facilities and can be described as interdependent, and the present, the latter's lack of development has been confined to the former. "Although Shenzhen is the pure electric vehicles have been supporting the best facilities in the city, but the lack of facilities is still a major obstacle to sales." BYD Company Limited public relations manager for Du Guozhong three said that so far there are 3 in Shenzhen charging station, charging about 100 piles, located in Honey Lake, and on the Grand Canal Center Merlin, charging lack of facilities remains a constraint on pure electric cars.

Thus, the interests of another important role in the chain --- the grid, but also new industrial layout, "gearing up", trying to replace the oil giant, charging facilities, gas stations and become the main energy giant. However, the electric vehicle charging facilities still have not seen the introduction of the standard, resulting in slow development of this part.

"Communication protocols, etc. are relatively easy to unity, the interface is the most difficult problem, because now the national standard has not come out, if the interface is not the same, not to be a switching device on the line, pin definitions should be uniform. Interface, how many needles are different, function of each needle are not the same. "GB has not yet been introduced, while grid enterprises to accelerate their pace of introduction of standards. Appears in the Southern Power Grid, Southern Power Grid in order to regulate and guide the regional electric vehicle charging technology development and application, preparation of technical standards for charging electric vehicles is very necessary and urgent. Last year, South Network has commissioned the preparation of Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau of Guangdong Power Grid Corporation of South technical standards for electric vehicle charging.

Insiders have worried about this, the local power grid companies is difficult for all manufacturers of battery electric vehicles, unified interface to the next if the Southern Power Grid in the region (namely Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan, Guizhou, Hainan) and electric vehicles within the region open to the national grid , because the interface is different not universal, how to charge life?

However, the network selection in Shenzhen, south do not break through the standard impulse move. In the absence of strong domestic electric car manufacturers case, BYD Company and the Shenzhen government cooperation with the depth of the grid, other cities can not match advantage. Government procurement this year's 100 BYD electric taxi, for example, models used is not yet come down to earth business model E 6, as the construction of the Shenzhen grid charging facilities within a short time intrinsic motivation.

"Now we have completed the standard draft for approval, and has been handed over to the City Development and Reform Commission." Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau, Gao said, BYD, Continental and other leading manufacturers have long participated in standards development, and leading enterprises in Shenzhen, for standards development is lucky. "Cities are in a standard electric vehicles to seize the high ground, who should in fact introduced, who is even more dominant in the future."

On the other hand, the so-called unified charging interface is difficult, mainly refers to the "non-car charger" interface, namely the use of large charging stations for electric vehicles DC charger for fast charging the battery directly to the interface. As for the charge pile this problem does not exist. Currently pile charging interface standard is basically a national unity, shape and household three sockets are not very different.

"Our vision is the future in large supermarkets, cinemas, bars and other public spaces entrance and parking, and residential parking lot charging electric vehicles pile." Du Guozhong said that due to the use of iron BYD electric vehicle battery bulky, can not be demolished, BYD is the perfect idea of charging a large number of supporting universal charging pile, there are more opportunities to make charging electric vehicles.

"Large-scale production needed to achieve a longer test of time."

Following the June national policy to subsidize the introduction of a new energy policy, six weeks ago as the five pilot cities of Shenzhen and additional subsidies, domestic subsidies to become the largest city. Although this to some extent, solve the high cost of purchase cost barriers, but Zhang Zhiyong, a senior automotive experts believe that to fully enter the electric car era, not all subsidies.

In addition to the aforementioned obstacles charging station facilities, said Zhang Zhiyong, one is the current electric vehicle charging time was significantly longer than traditional fuel vehicles, which is more difficult for consumers to accept; the second is a pure electric car service costs are still unknown, " large number of electric vehicle batteries, such as a broken one, to replace one or replace all? other parts of the maintenance costs are also difficult to estimate. " In addition, the use of new energy vehicle technology convenience and security are also still need to market test, after all, a pure electric vehicle market is currently very small, on the test of time and mileage are lacking.

"As has been the first electric taxi, run the 30 in Shenzhen BYD e6 electric car ingenuity of its business model, taxi drivers are being paid wages way to enjoy the operation. The reason, not because of price Instead of pure electric vehicles and other factors. "Zhang Zhiyong said the new energy vehicles is the inevitable trend of the future market, but the real need to achieve large-scale production for a longer test of time, the government and enterprises not only to fully understand the seriousness of the market , but also have enough patience, and constantly improve our product technology and quality.

On the other hand, the global energy industry from the new point of view, the development of battery electric vehicles as the core technology and key related industries, should be the official time of the attention. As more domestic lithium battery manufacturers, especially the rapid development of lithium iron phosphate, has been an increasing tendency to use lithium-ion battery electric car battery. However, recently, "FAW sure to give Thunder Sky Battery" event allows Shenzhen lithium battery market into a puzzle.

"Because of lack of standards, Shenzhen lithium battery business-to-vehicle product concept, development process, production process design as well as cost-based methods are inconsistent with the automotive industry, manufacturers of different sizes between the size of the battery, charging port are not the same. Meanwhile, the Shenzhen local lithium business fragmented, leading to fragmentation of industry, technical standards, R & D capabilities vary greatly. "

Industry sources, to develop vehicles using lithium batteries, as a member of vehicle manufacturers rely on one or two companies, one or two technical support for industrial development is not enough, we must rely on industry and technology companies together an open mind. Shenzhen lithium enterprises also need to form industry alliance.

BYD electric cars:

Must seize the domestic and international markets

End of last year listed BYD F3D M became the first mass production of dual-mode electric vehicle, while the newly released private subsidies for new energy vehicles, and an additional subsidy policy Shenzhen BYD are produced electric cars to enjoy unprecedented of subsidies.

On the other hand, more mature European and American electric car market, BYD try to make this year's strategic expansion plans to enter North America. "Walking on two legs home and abroad, want to do the domestic leader in electric vehicles," BYD Company Limited public relations manager for Du Guozhong said three.

Into the second half of the North American market

First half of 2010, sales of up to 154,000 of the BYD F3 to nearly 40,000 second-leading performance and then pick the country selling cycling championship, and the new introduction of private subsidies for new energy vehicles will expand Shakespeare Di expected sales of electric vehicles.

In fact, after the introduction of the new policy, BYD dual-mode electric vehicle F3D M Baidu attention index doubled home consultation were significantly increased. "The original sales target this year, sales F3D M and the upcoming e6 electric car a total of 1000, but now certainly have to change, at least 1000 or more." Du Guozhong said two cars can achieve 300 km driving range . The difference is that the former can only run 60 km of electric parts, plus the fuel to 300 km, the latter can achieve the full power to run 300 km. Far beyond the target market over the same period of similar species, including the world's first mass-produced electric cars Nissan hear the wind, and other lithium-ion battery technology, electric cars, they are generally only about 150 km.

Under the current subsidy policy, BYD produced 16.98 million price F3D M dual-mode electric vehicle will total subsidy $ 80,000, but the policy refinement and implementation takes time, no customers to enjoy in Shenzhen of 89,800 yuan car price subsidies. BYD said the subsidies due to the specific implementation details have not yet introduced, so although the company has introduced specific subsidies, but not immediately put in place "needs a few days."

"China's electric car market has just started, although F3D M dual-mode electric vehicle subsidy, the price barrier has not, but the upcoming September listing of pure electric cars e6 120,000 if government subsidies, consumers have to spend 180 000 buy, more difficult. "In the meantime, BYD is also optimistic about the European markets at this time a more mature atmosphere. "Foreign policy has been introduced to support electric vehicles for some time, subsidies and so more perfect." BYD said, this year will enter the North American market, "the promotion of small scale first, and gradually expand on the good operation." "We in the field of electric vehicles with two legs to go abroad." Du Guozhong said.

Target sell 50,000 electric cars a month

To the development and production of rechargeable batteries started BYD, the battery technology with traditional strengths, while iron battery technology over the years, continued R & D investment, but also to have this opportunity to Shenzhen and the international auto giants on an equal footing. BYD Daimler-Benz and had co-signed a new energy vehicles will illustrate this point.

BYD is unique to the current iron batteries can achieve a mature commercial company, its iron battery in the "high capacity requirements", "high security requirements" and "low-cost requirements of" three core indicators Jiyaqunfang, and far better than lithium batteries, this technology advantage to increase the electric car industry has unlimited potential, but as a "Made in China," the company, BYD advantages in technology, cost control is also well versed in the road.

"In the field of automobile production, BYD is a very strong vertical integration of enterprises, now in addition to a vehicle tire and glass are BYD's own production, and the future of electric cars, including batteries and electric motors, Shakespeare Di or will own the majority of production. "Du Guozhong said.

With its iron battery technology, and partners of Daimler-Benz production vehicle technology, BYD seems capable of producing world-class electric car prerequisite, "Wang said boss by the second half on the car, and I understand this both vehicle fuel cars, including new energy vehicles. is still the main fuel vehicles, may later half and half. "Du Guozhong said electric car market also need to cultivate patience, F3D M is only a month after listing a dozen sales, "sales in recent years, focus on positive or fuel vehicles, electric vehicles, good facilities, will be mass production."

In Shenzhen, local, matching charging station is still stepping up the construction of the first batch of 40 taxis have been electric on the road, BYD told reporters that in addition to electric cars, BYD production base in Changsha, the production of electric buses will in the second half off the assembly line, but also in the production of electric van.

"Currently, we scale the production of electric cars or to order, the production scale is not the standard short-term, depending on the market and the environment, but the future we hope to do the domestic leader in electric vehicle producer, dual-mode electric vehicles and pure electric car sales could reach 50,000 / month. "Du Guozhong said.

This year will put 100 electric taxi

Some brother said, the actual car endurance there are deviations with the theoretical value

May 1, the open tradition of 10 years driving a taxi Luo Baodong become the first country to market electric taxi driver. Because few people know that red and white electric taxi, or that expensive, so the first half of the business is very light.

Electric energy consumption than fuel car taxi directly province 1 / 3

"From the energy consumption in terms of economic considerations, the BYD e6 electric power consumption per hundred kilometers by taxi is 30 degrees, if at 1 yuan / kWh of electricity conversion of about 30 yuan, while the traditional fuel taxi is 60 yuan, savings of at least 1 / 3 of course with the vehicle in the specific energy consumption, road conditions, driving habits and fuel prices are closely related. "Shenzhen Pengcheng electric taxi company official said, the strong publicity in the media, the electric taxi has been more and more attention by the public and welcome.

However, he also said that in addition to the limited number of charging stations, has a greater constraint on the operation, the current primary address or the vehicle's battery life in practical applications, there is a certain deviation with the theoretical value. Columbia Luobao Dong said that the current taxi he was driving pure electric charge can run more than 200 kilometers, less than the theoretical Mileage 300 km, because the taxi up and down passengers, with air conditioning, etc., but basically enough for 8 hours use, after which returned to the company charging for battery life considerations, basically choose to be more than an hour "in charge", very few choose only ten minutes of "fast charge." "Electric taxis more environmentally friendly than traditional fuel vehicles, speed is also faster, if the battery can be smaller, larger, longer mileage, electric taxi will be more convenient to use."

July 19, Pengcheng electric taxi companies on the market once again to put the 15 electric taxi, so far, a total of 45 in Shenzhen city electric red and white taxi in the operation. It is understood that the production of vehicles in Shenzhen in the future will be based on the progress of charging stations and other facilities and the construction of the vehicle after another put the year plans to put 100 electric taxi.

Basic freight electric taxi down temporarily difficult

According to the reporter, BYD e6 electric taxi each worth 30 million, more than 10 million taxi you a lot of the traditional fuel, maintenance, fuel up like taxis so convenient, but much lower power costs in fuel costs. In addition, the traditional taxi license fees are not low, to October 2007, Shenzhen, for example a recent auction of taxi licenses, 2000, "red" license to 542,500 yuan a final deal, the age of 12 years, nearly 3800 monthly average million, compared to proceeds of the sale of electric taxi license was not without cost.

Although electric taxis have no need for additional fuel costs two yuan, but starting with the "red" are the same $ 10 price cut after the ride will be? The company said the price of taxi charges by the competent authorities review the development of , companies can not decide. However, the prices of the high cost of electric vehicles, conventional fuel vehicles is more than twice, or even higher than the amortization of license fees, compared to investment in facilities, there are still many cost items, do not currently have a cost advantage.

In addition, three reporters from the Shenzhen Bus Group was informed that Shenzhen has put a total of more than 400 new energy vehicles, buses, hybrid buses with an example, fuel consumption monitoring shows that savings of 15% -20%, even if the count charging costs, the total cost would still be reduced. According to statistical data from the three major public transportation group, this new energy vehicles will be more than a thousand new buses.


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