Healthy Living Home Guide: Avoid the boot and receive calls while charging

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Healthy Living Home Guide: Avoid the boot and receive calls while charging

Health is better each of us to live, work and study are based, are the most important prerequisite to do anything. Health needs are optimistic attitude towards life, and health also comes from our good habits every day. Living at home Xiaobian for you a selection of some health health knowledge, health tips to help you better, more scientifically conditioning of your body, healthy and happy through the day

Many people experience the phone is not power, for fear of delay into the phone, often driving charge the phone. As everyone knows, if the power charging, without any action will not affect the mobile phone life. However, if the make and receive calls, send text messages, Internet downloads ringtones, MMS, play games, will be on the phone, and cell damage.

According to analysis, cell phone charging voltage higher than the standby, if at the same time and receive calls and other operations, in the call or instantly connect to the network voltage Chaoguopingshi many times, easy to make a sensitive and complicated phone's internal parts damage to cause the phone to frequent maintenance. Second, the charge number of times the radiation also in peacetime, would damage the human body. In addition, battery life is calculated by charge-discharge cycles, so a direct impact on the number of charge mobile phone battery life. If you repeatedly plug the power would make charging the battery discharge due to repeated reduced life expectancy. Therefore, charging the phone turned on, it is best not to make and receive calls and other operations.

LG Electronics of thin film silicon solar cell conversion efficiency of 12.1%

South Korean LG Electronics began from October 28 at the "Green Device 2009 Forum", made public that it is developing thin-film silicon solar cell characteristics. The evaluation is to characterize the size of 1.3m x 1.1m floor tandem structure thin film silicon solar cells, stable conversion efficiency of 12.1%. Open circuit voltage (Voc) to 1.4V, current density 12.6mA/cm 2 , fill factor (Fill Factor) is 0.69.

LG Electronics crystalline silicon solar cell module production has started. Will begin shipping in the first quarter of 2010, crystalline silicon solar cell modules. The conversion efficiency "and the ordinary crystalline silicon solar cell module is the same" (LG Electronics). Crystalline silicon solar cell is in turn the company into the by the PDP factory-made solar cell plant, LG Electronics will increase its annual output to prepare as soon as possible to the GW level.

LG Electronics in crystalline silicon solar cells and thin film silicon solar cells, also being developed CIGS (copper indium gallium selenide) solar cells. In addition, LG Group, other than the company is also developing other forms of solar cells. "Maybe there will be competition in the enterprise group" (LG Electronics).


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