Hewlett-Packard is recalling more defective laptop batteries

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Hewlett-Packard is recalling more defective laptop batteries

Hewlett-Packard Company announced on the 19th, there will be more in the global recall of laptop batteries security risks, because these batteries may overheat and cause a fire or burns to consumers and other hazards.

Hewlett-Packard headquarters spokesman said the Chinese market of some of the HP laptop battery also recall. It is reported that HP has the latest recall of Chinese AQSIQ reported.

HP had in May last year for the same reason in the global recall of defective laptop batteries, a new round of recall is based on the original expansion, increasing the number of potentially affected batteries and notebook computers. HP has been in China and some other areas of their official website announced the recall of the list is the product model, and how consumers can verify that the computer battery is affected and other information. However, the company did not disclose the new round of recalls related to the specific number of batteries.

Hewlett-Packard said, the user's laptop battery recall if required by the verification, the company will be responsible for replacement free of charge. The company issued the same day Xinhua News Agency reporters De Yifen and Sheng Mingyue: "HP completely responsible for their products, by taking active measures to ensure customer safety, product integrity and quality."

Intelleflex battery-assisted passive RFID platform released new standards

Intelleflex is a feature-enhanced RFID (Extened Capability RFID) platform leader, recently announced the launch of a new generation, battery-assisted passive XC3 standardized technology platform. XC3 new technology platform from the RFID chips, tags, reader modules, fixed readers and handheld readers composition, both to support existing EPCglobal Class 1 Gen 2 standard also supports the emerging ISO 18000-6C Class 3 standard, this new standard has just passed the final technical approval.

New Intelleflex XC3 technology platform provides industry-leading battery-assisted RFID performance, this performance usually only active RFID can be achieved. For example, read-write distance up to 100 meters, 60 one thousand-chip memory in extended, multi-level encryption and password protection and wireless sensor support. These features, combined with active tags, the more obvious low-cost, its scope of services can be extended to the past because the price tag too high to be applied where. Intelleflex is now XC3 technology platform through the new upgrade their existing tags and reader products.

Franwell Company (RFID software integrators and solution providers) Jeff Wells, president, CEO, said: "Our customers have been asking whether there is a better operation of the cold chain solutions can provide better visibility and maneuverability. existing solutions is not a high price of poor performance, the noise environment can not meet the wireless operations. Intelleflex's XC3 is the first technology to meet our customers' needs for RFID solutions, and the cost right and we look forward to this based on Intelleflex XC3 technology solutions for customers install and use as soon as possible. "

Intelleflex's president CEO Peter Mehring said; "Intelleflex XC3 represents a breakthrough in RFID technology, this technology can now be cost-effective real-time data read labels, even if the tag is buried in the stacks below, or in the box can be sealed normal reading. extended functions such as reading and writing distance of 100 meters or time to read sensor data, even if the sensor label affixed to the goods in a serious RF noise can also be read correctly above, and the price is very competitive, so that market above the emergence of a new tool that can significantly enhance the cold chain visibility, improved logistics management tool j is now above ground transportation and a good customer, since the supply chain visibility, no longer have to manually collect the goods transport data, fear loss of goods. "

The new technology platform is Intelleflex unique advantages and significant return on investment, such as asset tracking, cold chain management, manufacturing WIP control, construction, agriculture, returnable container tracking, vehicle or car park management.

Intelleflex ready to showcase new XC3 technology platform, location is the city of Orlando, Florida, RFID Journal Live Show exhibition, is April 14-16, booth 660. Function as a platform to highlight part of the show, Intelleflex XC3 platform will demonstrate the new tags, which integrates a temperature sensor and data logging. Also in the booth above Intelleflex will provide a new ISO BAP Class 3 standard specification, describes why certain markets and applications can achieve significant return on investment. 6 new platform components moon samples, can supply the third quarter.

About Intelleflex Corporation

Intelleflex is a high-performance RFID solutions, products and technology leader. Our Intelligent RFID Platform, including high-performance multi-protocol tags and readers, enables the device to vehicle management, reusable transport supplies, personnel monitoring and other expensive asset tracking solutions, the effective implementation of its wide scope of work, high reliability , storage capacity, security is much higher than the ordinary passive RFID, and low cost.


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