Honda intends to develop electric vehicle battery technology, China rich in natural resources

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Honda intends to develop electric vehicle battery technology, China rich in natural resources

According to foreign media reports, Honda's chief executive, said Takanobu Ito, Honda intends to use Chinese technology and abundant resources in China R & D of electric vehicle batteries. He also said that if you want zero-emission vehicles to become mainstream, but also a breakthrough in battery technology.

Takanobu Ito said Tuesday: "If the right opportunity, we hope to co-develop cells with China." Honda CEO who announced that Honda plans to joint venture in China, Guangzhou Honda's annual production increased by 1 / 3, to 480 000.

Takanobu Ito said: "In a major breakthrough in battery technology needs." He predicted that electric cars become mainstream cars also need 10-20 years. As Japan's second largest car manufacturer, Honda will focus on the recent hybrid vehicles and energy-efficient vehicles.

Honda is considering in the United States, Europe and Japan a limited market of electric vehicles.

Japan's GS Yuasa Corp and Honda set up a joint venture, cooperative research and development of lithium-ion batteries for hybrid vehicles. Honda said that, if necessary, the two companies will co-produce the batteries for electric vehicles. GS Yuasa and Mitsubishi Corporation established a joint venture company, has developed and produced electric vehicle batteries.

Last year, China surpassed the U.S. as the world's largest auto market. For global automotive manufacturers, China is an increasingly important battlefield. Auto companies are waiting for the Chinese government announced a policy to promote the development of fuel-efficient cars.

China's auto market, has sold over 10 million years, the Chinese government's position will determine the electric car many car companies launch new products faster. At present, the auto companies for the development of electric vehicles still in a wait state.

Volkswagen said last month that China's attitude towards electric vehicles, consumers will determine the company's electric car development program. In 2018, Volkswagen plans to become a leader in electric vehicle industry.

Electric cars may be a huge development in the Chinese market. Chinese media had reported on Monday, the Chinese government announced the end of electric cars in the subsidy policy, every purchase of electric vehicles will provide consumers with up to 6 million in subsidies, and to increase hybrid buyers subsidy of 3,000 yuan .

This policy will be Chinese companies such as BYD benefit. BYD's battery technology has already attracted Buffett and Daimler's investment and interest.

Honda sold in China last year, a total of about 58 million vehicles, about half of American Honda's total sales. However, Honda said, the importance of Chinese market is gradually improving, perhaps years later to become Honda's largest car market.

Takanobu Ito, in the next three to five years, annual sales will reach the U.S. market 1500-1600 million. Analysts predict that U.S. sales this year will reach 1100-1250 million.

Dr. returnees to build a world-class high-tech zones roots base battery

Put into operation next month, Ansai Lithium Battery founder returnees Boshi Fan Jiang told reporters yesterday that it would build a world-class in Hefei, the battery supply base.

Super lithium batteries will be built in Hefei

"We have had experience, the finer the flour and mix it more difficult, nano-materials is good, but there are such a common problem of flour, so we through technology, first made of nano-ball, which is equivalent to the first flour made rice, so you can 'rice' Riga lot of things, to improve its conductivity, greatly increasing its capacity. "

Fan Jiang told reporters that his full name of this technique is called "Fe-phosphate nanoparticles" technology, using this new technology produced by the cells, compared with ordinary lithium batteries, not only increased by 20% of endurance, but also reduced by 20% of the cost.

The production of the batteries not only can be applied to electric vehicles, also can be widely used in notebook computers.
It is understood that on June 10, Ansai company will be able to test lithium production is expected to be able to mass production in July.

The future compete with BYD

According to the project plan, in 2010 the company will build four lithium-ion battery production line, the sales income of 160 billion yuan. By 2011, production will increase to 8, 2012 will be increased to 12 production lines.

"Hefei in Anhui province with, here is just the electric car industry chain, we are confident that within five years to become China's top five suppliers of batteries, battery 10 years to become a world-class supplier."

Hefei-made batteries with BYD to compete against it? Dr. Fan said, who is a strong technical leader who is the future. Kai, Chery Automobile in the development of new energy vehicles, if the battery supply and technical cooperation with them, does not mean you can not go beyond the BYD.

Dr. Hefei sincerity to attract returnees

Enterprises have settled down certainly have to consider many factors, Dr. Fan is just because his wife settled in Anhui Hefei business people put it?

After listening to a reporter's question, Dr. Fan laughed: "There is such a factor, but the most important factor is the government's sincerity in Hefei, when we look at the two places, Hefei and a coastal city coastal city to give the conditions that is also superior. in our time temporary leave Hefei, Hefei long in taking the time out to receive us, and with his penetrating analysis of the market impressed me. "

"Our team is a lot of people from the United States back on the decoration of these plants there are many unclear things, but as long as we make demands, Hi-tech Zone of the work people are doing all it can to help us this is our Why can so quickly put into the cause. "Dr. Fan told reporters.

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