HP EliteBook 8440w Review(B)

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HP EliteBook 8440w Review(B)

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Keyboard and Touchpad

The full-size keyboard on the 8440w Presario V5000 battery is a nice update to the keyboard seen on the last generation of EliteBooks. The new keyboard uses flat, semi-chiclet style keys and provides excellent spacing between keys for typing. Each key features the "HP DuraKey" finish which is a highly durable textured finish applied to each key to give the keyboard a nice matte appearance and prevents the "shine" that appears on old keyboards after the buildup of dirt and oils from your fingertips. As previously mentioned, the Magnesium alloy keyboard tray features drain holes to help direct accidental spills away from the delicate electronics inside your laptop pavilion dv1000 battery.

The individual key presses are quiet without loud clicking sounds as you type. The depth of each key press is excellent, though some people may dislike the flat, chiclet-style keys. Overall the keyboard layout pavilion dv2000 battery is extremely nice for a 14-inch business laptop.

The Synaptics touchpad is very responsive to my touch with a scroll zone on the right side that works exactly as it should. Granted, the touchpad is a little small for a modern notebook, but it's not too bad overall. The matte touchpad texture is okay, but doesn't deliver the same high-quality feel as the rest of the notebook. The rubberized touchpad buttons are about the right size and feel quite nice pavilion dv4 battery when pressed. The only problem I have with the touchpad buttons is the fact that they are hinged rather than simple press-down buttons. The buttons work by "swinging" down from a hinge located at the top edge of the button. This means that if you press the top edge of the buttons nothing happens. You have to press the middle or bottom of the buttons so that the buttons can swing down from the hinge. I don't have any idea why HP did that.

On a brighter note, the trackpoint/touchpoint is easily one of the best we've seen this side of a ThinkPad pavilion dv5 battery. If you're someone who like using the touchpoint then you're in luck with this machine.

Ports and Features

The 8440w features a great number of ports on pavilion dv7 battery all sides so let's take a brief tour. Left side: Here we see the heat vent, three USB 2.0 ports, FireWire 400, audio jacks and the ExpressCard slot. Left side: Here we see the heat vent, three USB 2.0 ports, FireWire 400, audio jacks and the ExpressCard slot. Rear side: The security lock slot, battery, hinges, power jack, DisplayPort, and VGA out. Front side: Speakers, memory card slot and screen latch release.

Performance and Benchmarks

Our EliteBook 8440w came with the new Intel 620M Core i7 processor, clocking in at 2.26GHz with four cores ... although our test system ran a little fast at 2.67GHz. As is common with workstation-class machines, the 8440w features NVIDIA pavilion dv4000 battery Quadro graphics in the form of the Quadro FX 380M with 512MB of dedicated RAM. This gives the EliteBook significantly more power than a typical business hp pavilion dv2000 battery notebook and a jaw-dropping level of performance with only a modest cost to the battery life. A 320GB 7200RPM hard drive was also included, which helped applications load without much lag. This notebook should easily exceed the expectations of all but the most demanding professionals in terms of graphics performance.

Heat and Noise

During normal use (browsing the web or working on a text pavilion dv6000 battery document) the EliteBook 8440w remained quite cool and very quiet. The exhaust fan wasn't audible except when running performance benchmarks or stressing the CPU and graphics. You won't have to worry about bothering coworkers or clients with unwanted noise coming from your laptop in a quiet office.

Finally, we recorded the following external temperatures using an IR thermometer after running two consecutive PCMark05 benchmarks. This should serve as an indicator of how hot the notebook will get after about 30 minutes of serious use. All temperatures are listed in degrees Fahrenheit. It's obvious that the bottom of the notebook near the RAM and CPU heatsink are the hottest parts of the notebook pavilion dv8000 battery.


HP offers the EliteBook 8440w with your choice of either a 6-cell or 9-cell Lithium-Ion battery. The pavilion dv9000 battery life of the standard 6-cell battery is good and the 9-cell delivers almost 1.8 times the battery life of the standard battery. During our timed tests, with the laptop set to "balanced" mode, wireless active, and 70% screen brightness, the 8440w lasted for 3 hours and 57 minutes. Battery life with the 9-cell is closer to 7 hours. Battery(pavilion zd7000 battery) life can also be extended using the "power saver" power profile in Windows 7 ... or you can purchase the 8440w with the "slightly" lower voltage 2.4GHz Core i5 520M processor.


The EliteBook 8440w marks the beginning of a new class of mobile workstations. This durable 14-inch notebook packs all the processing a graphics horsepower you're likely to need and does it for a reasonable price. Although $1,649 isn't exactly pavilion zv5000 battery cheap, this is more affordable than many other 14-inch business notebooks with lower performance numbers. If HP added a larger touchpad and better touchpad buttons then this mobile workstation would be absolutely perfect. As is, the 8440w is still a masterpiece among 14-inch business-class notebooks and is an obvious Editor's Choice.



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