Hydrogen fuel cell technology development and growth in China

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Hydrogen fuel cell technology development and growth in China

With the global development of clean alternative fuel vehicles is increasing, driven by hydrogen fuel cells are rapidly rising number of cars.

June 16, an upstart company Riversimple by the British manufacturing zero-emission hydrogen-powered vehicles available in London, the car can take two, maximum payload of 350 kg, maximum speed of 50 miles / hour, can travel per gallon of fuel 350 miles.The car is a car for city promotion.

The car uses hydrogen fuel cells can be cleared by the Shanghai Fuel Cell Technology Co., Ltd. production.

With the "Automotive News? China" in an interview in Shanghai Qing to fuel cell technology, said CEO George Gu, use hydrogen fuel cells and hybrid electric vehicle battery portfolio will be the development of a new direction.

Mr. Gu said the batteries due to their weight problems have many restrictions.Use the weight of large vehicles need more battery power to drive itself.But by hydrogen fuel cells and batteries car divided between cruising and acceleration power needed, the hybrid vehicle can be like a normal car, like driving, he added.

Mr. Gu said, "fuel cells can provide vehicles with cruise power capacitors, and batteries to provide peak power can be accelerated.;" And the capacitor battery can achieve in the braking to recharge the battery.;

However, senior industry analyst at Global Insight Duan Wu skeptical, "taking into account all aspects of the obstacles, I think these vehicles will only be suitable for demonstration purposes, most will be suitable for very limited purposes, such as Expo or university campus.;

Headquartered in Singapore, Horizon's fuel cells produce almost 100,000, and developers to supply a number of fuel cell vehicles, including fuel cell vehicles are engaged in research of Chinese universities.The company has 120 employees in Shanghai, with production and R & D base.

The Chinese government is promoting the development of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.Shanghai Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is the divine power of fuel cell technology developers, Sunny Sun spokesman said the company is on the regular size passenger car fuel cell car project to cooperate with the government.

Sun said the god's hydrogen fuel cell power system can produce electricity to drive passenger car engine.Used to re-charge time is normally 10 minutes.

Recharge time is installed in passenger cars on the hydrogen storage tank pressure and the size of the decision, Sun has said.If the pressure is high, re-charging time will be longer, or if a larger size, the time will be longer, but usually 5-10 minutes time.

Sun said the god's fuel cell powered passenger cars will be in next year's World Expo in Shanghai debut.

Currently, there are two hydrogen refueling station in Beijing, in Shanghai, the only one.

However, Shanghai will build another four hydrogen refueling station.She said, "By 2010, Shanghai will have five hydrogen refueling station available for 2010 Shanghai World Expo to showcase fuel cell vehicle use.

Volkswagen and its partner Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (Group) has been leading the development of China's hydrogen fuel cell vehicle technology trends.

Volkswagen spokesman Nikolas Thorke in China, "said Volkswagen is actively engaged in the development of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, not only in Germany, and China.;" With Shanghai Volkswagen and Tongji University in cooperation, the According to Volkswagen, Shanghai Volkswagen's Passat passenger car field, developed a Passat fuel cell vehicles.;

In 2008, a team of 20 Passat fuel cell vehicle fleet to the Beijing Olympics a green transport services.

In addition Passat fuel cell vehicles, the Volkswagen company in Germany has developed several other fuel cell models, such as the Bora HyMotion, HyMotion Touran and Tiguan HyMotion.Thorke that these models have been brought to China, and will participate in a number of technical exchange activities.

However, Volkswagen said, are yet to be put into commercial production of these vehicles immediately plan.Thorke said, "the further development of fuel cell vehicles are still among the near future will not make a clear production plan.


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