Increase Renewable Energy Sources - Generate More Jobs

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Increase Renewable Energy Sources - Generate More Jobs

This has been the slogan that GE, one of the leading power suppliers and energy delivery technology pioneers, propagated all through the 'Capture the Wind' tour across US. GE Energy, comprised of GE Power& Water, GE Energy services and GE Oil & Gas is on an all out effort to promote compaq presario v3000 battery wind industry's growth in USA. GE, largest supplier of wind turbines producing some 40% of US' wind power, has been sponsoring the 'Capture the Wind' tour for garnering support at grass-root level for a cleaner energy in future.


They have been toting a 131-foot-long wind-turbine blade serving as a mobile petition to be signed by all supporters. This is to create awareness that promoting wind power industry will generate new jobs and make US self-sufficient in energy production. Their goal is the Wind-Power 2010 Convention at Dallas where the blade will be on display.

Texas, as the country's largest wind power producer is hosting Wind-Power lenovo ideapad s9 battery 2010 - world's largest wind-power conference - at the Dallas Convention Centre. Along with Matt Guyette, Renewables Global Strategy Leader, GE Energy, Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert, and AWEA CEO Denise Bode attended the opening ceremony. The need for strong leadership support from federal government for focussing on development of renewable energy sources was the hot topic.

Emphasizing that wind energy is a more affordable and purer form of energy available in US, Mr. Body called for a "strong national Renewable Electricity Standard (RES)". Mr. Guyette said, "The key message of our tour is that the people of America have the power to choose a cleaner, smarter energy future." Congress inaction in this field was greatly regretted.

In spite of a 10-gigawatt production and 85,000 strong work force, wind power accounts for not even 2% of entire nation's power supply. A positive approach by the congress towards long-term wind energy power policy and establishing a national level renewable and cleaner energy standard will boost power generation and employment opportunities.

Mr. Guyette quoted the examples of China and Europe and requested for quick action on the part of government to promote wind power energy sources. He expressed hopes that, "American technology and innovation, combined with strong public support, can help to drive continued growth in the wind canon lp-e5 battery power industry, leading to the creation of thousands of new jobs."

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