Intel introduces SSD for entry-level

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Intel introduces SSD for entry-level $125

The model X25-V offers a storage capacity of 40 GB. It has a maximum read rate of 170 Mbytes/s and a write speed of up to 35 MByte/s. It also dominates the Windows 7 supported TRIM command.

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Intel has expanded its portfolio of Solid State Drives to an entry-level model called X25-V. This is a stripped down version in July 2009 announced the X25-M series with 34-nanometer NAND flash memory. The SSD is available now at a price of $ 125 on the market.

The 2.5-inch X25-V model is working with MLC memory cells and a SATA II interface. It offers a storage capacity of 40 GB. The read speed is up to 170 MB/s slower than achieved in the X25-M series, the read rates of 250 MByte/sec. The maximum write speed of 35 MByte/s – half of the achievements of the X25-M series value.

The mean time between failures (Mean Time Between Failures, MTBF) is Intel, with 1.2 million hours (136 years). The Sto?resistenz maximum of 1500 G. In operation, the drive consumes 1.5 watts. At rest, it is content with 0.75 watts. In addition, dominates the SSD which is supported by Windows 7 TRIM command, which ensures a consistently high level of readiness to perform a Solid State Drive.

Without TRIM support for SSDs can use the service after a prolonged partial decrease considerably. The reason for this lies in the physical properties of the flash cells. Flash memory can be described only with no wait states, if the cells are empty. Since the operating system files but only delete the contents of the file system and the controller of the SSD of this deletion will notice anything, it must delete the access back into the cell, these first before he can describe it. Per TRIM command divides the operating system with the SSD controller, the data blocks are no longer used, so that it can delete the unused cells of rest, in order to later describe without loss of performance again.

Kingston sells under the name V SSDNow an identical model of the Intel SSD. A similar review is available here.

Intel's entry-level SSD X25-V offers 40 GB of memory and comes with support TRIM (Photo: Intel).

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Yakobson said the bucky balls filled with hydrogen can theoretically the same as the powder store. He said, "not too hard, they may gather synthetic molecular crystals or form a fine powder. The ball is full of hydrogen molecules Buck crystal or powder, under certain conditions, should be able to release pure hydrogen for fuel cells or other forms of engines. "

We can imagine the results if successful in the civilian economy was a large-scale use of it, how our lives will be a huge change. Light vehicles can use clean hydrogen fuel, the air will become fresh. Fuel cell will be more universal, the number of electronic products will be access to safe portable high-capacity fuel cells. Sky charge a cell phone is not two or three; enjoy MP3 and cuts off power when not regularly; Digital SLR Camera full 1,2 G memory card, battery, or full of; books battery life is no longer only a few hours; In addition, friends of the electric car ride, do not need more than a dozen 20 kg per day Kangshang a mound battery climbing stairs of the all in all, just get a bottle of safe light "bucky balls of hydrogen fuel filling" , power-off time, simply unscrew the lid, add fuel, everything buttoned up. This is a wonderful blueprint ah.

Fuel cell "big bus" is expected to debut Expo

Ate hydrogen fuel cells emit pure water "big bus" is expected to debut Expo

This new green energy fuel cell cars is no longer the patent, has become a "big bus" friends. Recently, information came from Tongji University: the school and SAIC jointly developed by companies such as fuel cell transit buses have been gearing up, is expected to be the core of the 2010 World Expo exhibition and public meeting.

Experts point out that the ever-changing new energy technology in the green area of public transport buses has become an important global R & D goals. For example, the "battery" operation principle of a super capacitor car 11 road transportation in this city, across the board application online. The research team trying to fuel cell power system has a "do not eat only the oil absorption of hydrogen, fuel cell drive depends," the chemical reaction, discharge of only the "pure water" and so on, is seen as the future direction of the automotive industry is expected to full use of existing parts and components for the Shanghai Resource Development of "Green" stocked with brand-new way.

Fuel cell power technology is not unfamiliar. Now a new generation of China's independent intellectual property rights fuel cell car, the power system has a maximum output power to 88 kW, maximum speed increased to near 150 km. How will the more mature technology "transplanted" to the required more powerful, more complex operating environment of transit buses on a research focus.

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