Intel makes 32-nanometer CPUs for servers and workstations

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This article via: Intel makes 32-nanometer CPUs for servers and workstations

Intel makes 32-nanometer CPUs for servers and workstations

The chip manufacturer provides 15 models for 2P systems and one for 1P systems. There are four and Sechskern models available. The thermal design power is between 40 and 130 watts.

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Intel brings out today, the first Xeon processors that are manufactured in 32 nanometer technology. In the market for entry-level servers with a CPU, the chip manufacturers come up with only one model (W3680). The Xeon-W3680 CPU is completely identical to the desktop Core i7 processor-980X, which ZDNet has been tested extensively. Intel only uses different model names for the server and the desktop market.

For servers and high-end workstation with two CPUs per motherboard Intel CPUs offers of 15 different series Xeon 5600 (Westmere-EP on). Depending on the frequency, number of cores and power consumption of the list price from 387 to 1663 dollar is at a 1,000-unit quantities.

All models are based on the Nehalem architecture with integrated triple-channel DDR3 memory controller and QPI. The instruction set was extended by an AES hardware encryption, which can achieve a speed up by about a factor of 15.

One exception is the L5609 dar. He no hardware encryption still turbo-boost and hyperthreading dominated. All models are equipped with 12 MB L3 cache. In addition, each computer core 256 KB L2 cache and exclusively used every 32 KByte L1 cache for data and program commands.

For the first time is it in a series no clear top model: the X5680 CPU has six cores and is clocked at 3.33 GHz. The model X5677 contrast, has only four cores, but can come up with a 3.46 GHz clock frequency. Applications that are not in a server with two processors of more than 16 processor threads can benefit run faster with the X5677 with the X5680. Both models cost $ 1,663.

The top two models require 130 watts TDP. The most fuel-efficient models come with 40 watts. For six cores are needed, however, at least 60 watts.

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CPUs, the Xeon 5600-series can in principle be operated with the same chipsets as Xeon 5500 processors (Nehalem-EP), about the Tylersburg-I/O-Hubs 5500 and 5520th Whether you convert a server can be and under what conditions, for example after a BIOS update that needs to be examined individually.

This is the Buck ball of 60 carbon atoms. This great ball can store a number of atoms in the internal sphere, including hydrogen.

Yakobson recognition, to store hydrogen in a long time the idea of molecular container. Rather, the bucky ball to accommodate the idea of hydrogen already known in the past had.

However, Yakobson, there are others before Olga Pupysheva and Amir Farajian two post-doctoral researcher in the new study, earlier asked the first used to calculate the damage before the ball is in the Back of the hydrogen atom can accommodate the number of ways.

This result is very interesting. 20 years ago, the ball for the first time Buck was found in the Rice University, and now, this new study on the bucky ball again to start Rice University.

Yakobson explained how the small ball is hydrogen storage, he pointed out, "the chemical bonds between carbon atoms, is one of nature's most powerful chemical bonds, which can form chemical bonds present the hardest substance known diamonds. And our research that, in order to bring them inside the fullerene ball carbon carbon - carbon bond deformation or damage, then takes a lot of internal pressure. "

The researchers used a sophisticated computer model can calculate the new storage method for specific details. When the hydrogen atoms were Ru Bake retrobulbar injection, this model can be specified to measure the carbon bucky balls in the strength of chemical bonds between atoms.

The model used to calculate the various dimensions of the fullerene sphere of these carbon structures are particularly desirable, it not only can show Buck the ball can store the hydrogen atoms, but also to simulate the maximum internal storage capacity when the time was a breakthrough Buck how broken the ball.

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