Investment 123 million yuan rise again when the lithium battery technology expansion

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Investment 123 million yuan rise again when the lithium battery technology expansion

New energy vehicles, after the introduction of subsidies, the domestic lithium battery business enthusiasm was further ignited. Buck the trend in the market before the crash when the rise of higher (300 073, closing price 67.35 yuan), today (June 10) on the announcement of additional investment to improve their capacity lithium battery cathode material issue.

It is noteworthy that, when the rise in this expansion, the new cathode materials for automotive energy intensity of a significant expansion. Company said cathode material in the new energy automotive applications broader than the average small lithium batteries.

After the capacity expansion to add 60%

When the rise of this spend 1.23 billion yuan, will mainly invest in five projects, specifically relating to the company's three kinds of lithium battery cathode material. The expansion is completed, when the rise in lithium battery cathode material current annual production capacity of 4400 tons, based on the increase 2700-7100 tons. New capacity for the existing 61% of total capacity, the intensity is not small.

When the rise of technology that this project in two parts, with a total planned construction period of 12 months. Yanjiao 2 expansion of the production line, Xinxiang an expansion of the main production line and Yanjiao, Tongzhou two factory technical innovation in the project started four months to complete; Haimen 2880 tons Co3O4 production line because it is new, planned duration of 12 months . Has started from April this year, preliminary work.

When the rise is expected, the project is completed, annual sales income will be 339 million yuan, annual average total profit of 30.8044 million yuan, the average after-tax profit of 26.1837 million yuan. Company size does not believe that this radical expansion to meet demand growth this year itself.

Tilt to the car business lithium

Investors should note that when the rise despite the expansion of production lines that can be used in many fields will supply lithium batteries, but easy to see that business is the new energy automotive battery cathode material tilt.

The product line expansion when the rise of technology there are three types, lithium cobalt oxide, lithium manganese oxide materials, and diverse. Among them, the lithium cobalt oxide used for laptops, cell phones and other communications, using mobile office equipment, portable power is currently the mainstream; and diverse materials, and lithium manganese oxide is the new energy automotive lithium battery cathode material for the main categories.

From the expansion efforts of view, when the rise of lithium cobalt oxide in existing annual production capacity of 3900 tons on the basis of additional 1300 tons of production capacity, expansion rate of 33%; and diverse materials, but from the existing 200 tons / was increased to 1030 tons / year, lithium manganese oxide increased from 300 tons per year to 870 tons, respectively, than the existing production capacity increased by 4.2 times and 1.9 times.

Easy to see when the rise in the future direction of development, the company is currently the leading product is a small lithium batteries with lithium cobalt oxide, but the company's attention has been placed in car batteries. But the current trend of applications, the use of multiple materials and lithium manganese oxide, mostly Japanese automakers, our car is still the mainstream lithium battery cathode material lithium iron phosphate.

But it is not a listed company not prepared. Before reporters learned from when the rise of technology, the company is now making available for vehicle power battery-related research and development of lithium iron phosphate, the corresponding production line is expected to be completed in 2012.

Baotou Steel Rare Earth helpless sadness battery

If you hold a marathon raise investment projects, Baotou Steel Rare Earth (41.91,0.00,0.00%) (600 111) that lasted for nearly 10 years of nickel-metal hydride battery project is estimated to be in the final and costly battery --- this project is still for the production efforts. Careful analysis of the investment process, the understanding of the current wave of new energy battery is not without benefits.

Rare-Earth battery industry has long recognized the great prospects because of its production of battery level mixed rare earth metals, nickel-metal hydride battery cathode powder material. "Position", in the end of August 1999, Rare-Earth with the United States a leader in battery technology companies to sign contracts and agreements, joint venture nickel-metal hydride battery project. First half of 2000 companies use placement financing 288 million plus the changes listed on fund-raising 131 million yuan to set up three joint venture company holding 75%, respectively, corresponding to the hydrogen storage alloy powder, Ni-MH battery plate, nickel-metal hydride battery assembly of three sub-projects. The end of 2002, the company projects into the battery has reached 500 million yuan. According to the original plan, the project will be completed end of June 2003. If the project went into operation, the Baotou Rare Earth will no doubt now that the boss of nickel-hydrogen battery, the battery industry will enjoy a golden period of development.

Unexpected is the most critical for the latter two sub-critical juncture due to technical problems even when they were stuck, were high hopes for battery project dragged on, has now entered the marathon track.

Baotou Rare Earth in nickel-hydrogen battery technology, problems encountered on the project reminds us, the nickel-hydrogen battery industry will not be smooth, is expansion and expansion of businesses ready to make a full psychological preparation, investors expansion project's profitability is expected to not be too optimistic. In fact, the Baotou Rare Earth launched in spend this project, in December 1998 have been successfully using the technology to produce cell products, but small-scale trial production and mass production is clearly biased. Coming in 2005, Rare-Earth exists only on the technical aspects of the project in open tender, and to determine a successful Japanese companies for the unit. However, the Japanese technology is not planned at the end of June 2007 to complete the transformation, until now, technological innovation is still in progress. To solve difficult technical problems can be seen beyond imagination.

Obviously, the Baotou Rare Earth has missed opportunities of development of electric bicycle battery, alleged transformation of the production line completed by the end of 2010, the product will be the direction of electric vehicle batteries. Leaving aside the success of transformation, even if the nickel-metal hydride battery production lines on schedule, will also face an embarrassing situation. Since June 1 this year, the state subsidies for new energy vehicles introduced a new policy, non-plug-in hybrid vehicle to obtain the subsidy is only 3,000 yuan, much lower than the industry had expected. It can be seen from the subsidies, the country's attitude has been very clear, is to encourage lithium battery. The nickel-hydrogen batteries have to face two major difficulties: First, the new policy will encourage vehicle manufacturers to reduce the non-plug-in hybrid battery capacity, thereby significantly reducing the demand for nickel-hydrogen battery; second nickel companies MH battery production capacity is expected to be released in 2011, coupled with the rapid development of lithium batteries, can imagine the intensity of competition in the industry.

Although the nickel-hydrogen battery bumpy road ahead, but the Rare-Earth can only choose to move on.


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