Laptop battery maintenance of several major errors

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Laptop battery maintenance of several major errors

Born from the laptop the day, the debate about the battery has never stopped, because the use of persistence is very important to a notebook computer technology index, which determines the capacity of the battery of this laptop important indicator. In the end how to use to maximize the effectiveness of the battery to extend battery life it? Below, we will list several people we often vulnerable to misunderstanding: (without the instructions are for the most commonly used lithium-ion battery)

First, for the first time using the battery, the first three to be recharged for 12 hours?

This is totally unnecessary. Because now the laptop has a complete power management circuitry and charging management system, when the battery reaches saturation, the control circuit will automatically switch to the off state, so long as full on the line, not to say that the longer you charge the more time can be used The.

Second, in order to prevent the memory effect, we should run out of power before charging it?

Discharge the battery before each charge is not necessary, but also harmful. They had proved: the depth of discharge of the battery will shorten the battery life unnecessary, it is recommended to use about 10% when the battery can be charged when the. Of course, when the battery power is still more than 30% of the best to be charged, because the memory effect does exist.

Third, insert the AC when the battery should win, so as to prevent the repeated charge and discharge it?

My advice to you is: No! Of course, you can take the natural discharge of lithium-ion battery to refute me that the natural discharge of the battery, if there is power there will be access to the case of repeated charge and discharge, reducing battery life. And I give you "instead of" this answers the following reasons:

1. Now the laptop control circuit is designed with this feature: that when the battery reaches 90% (such as HP's most models) or 95% will be charged to achieve this through natural discharge capacity of a time for 2 weeks month, when the battery idle for about a month to complete in order to maintain the battery charge and discharge capacity, this time you should be concerned about is the battery should get some exercise instead of being idle again after the charge.

2. Even if the battery "unfortunate" was once again charged, bringing the loss will not be long without the battery than the decrease in power consumption caused by a large number.

3. Your data than you or even your laptop batteries are much more valuable, a sudden power failure has not only hurt your laptop, you can not restore data that is too late for regrets.

Fourth, long-term storage battery needs to be full of electricity?

Read the following to clear the table: (percentage of initial value at the time relative to the percentage of saturation)

Storage temperature of 40% state of charge of 100% state of charge

0 degrees 98% (one year later) 94% (one year later)

25 degrees 96% (one year later) 80% (one year later)

40 degrees 85% (one year later) 65% (one year later)

60 degrees 75% (one year later) 60% (3 months later)

Obviously, if you want long-term storage battery, as far as possible on the dry and cold environment and let the battery charge remaining 40% of the best. Of course, take the battery out every month with the best time, the battery can ensure a good state of preservation, but not so for the loss of damage to the battery power completely.

Fifth, how to use the notebook as the extended use of time?

1. Screen brightness reduced. But power-hungry LCD screen brightness can decrease the extension of use of time.

2. Open SpeedStep and other power-saving features PowerPlay. Now the notebook processors and graphics chips have lower operating frequency and voltage to extend the use time of the function, open the appropriate option can greatly extend the battery time.

3. To use the hard disk and optical drive spin-down software: If NERO DriveSpeed, PowerBooster other software can reduce the optical drive, hard drive speed, etc., can also effectively reduce the notebook's power.


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