Lithium batteries made in China, the EU issued a consumer warning

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Lithium batteries made in China, the EU issued a consumer warning

October 16, 2009, the European Commission Rapid Alert System for non-food categories (RAPEX) on the production from China, "Advent and EiSystem" issued a consumer warning brand lithium batteries. The case of the notifying State for the British. The communication range of serial numbers involved in the lithium battery system PBI23456773500161 to PBI23456774303460, used in Advent and EiSystem series notebook.

Since the problem of overheating of the product, so users may lead to fire or burns, but also may cause the battery cover off, there are already five reports of incidents. Currently, the importer has the product from the market and recall from consumers products have been sold.

To this end, China Trade Remedy Information Network, it is suggested that the production and export enterprises attached great importance.

Experts expressed doubts about BYD-iron battery

BYD iron battery since the advent of voice to challenge the outside world heard, and some even criticized the much-ballyhooed electric car BYD core technology "iron battery" - actually just the regular "lithium iron phosphate battery" and did not check BYD has related to the patent. In this regard, in fact, BYD has always adopted an evasive attitude of the low-key, never disclosed the specific information-iron battery, according to their argument is that such problems do not want to tangle directly with the.

Experts said there are electric cars, in fact, this iron battery is BYD Lithium battery, which is the main component of lithium iron phosphate, but only one of the ingredients of iron. It is understood that the battery technology has been related foreign patents, do not rule out lithium iron phosphate BYD to avoid intellectual property rights and called the possibility of iron battery.

There are three types of lithium batteries currently on the market, namely, lithium iron phosphate, lithium cobalt oxide and manganese lithium batteries. Experts, the current lithium manganese mature, has entered the industrial stage, Toyota, Honda, Nissan electric vehicle using a lithium manganese batteries. Compared with the lithium manganese oxide high-temperature lithium iron phosphate is good, it is generally thought to be relatively safe number. But its weakness is the poor conductivity, large internal resistance, the heat generated when the work more, the current test is mainly around to solve this problem is to expand.

BYD reported heavy iron battery group but security is high, the battery charge cycles up to 2000 times the battery life of more than 60 continuous miles kilometers.

Experts said, although small quantities of lithium iron phosphate industrialization can be achieved, but with a larger vehicle in the power, to achieve the industrialization of large quantities is still very great difficulty, although technical problems in the laboratory can be solved, but production technology, product consistency issues are not well resolved. To achieve better stability and security can not be achieved within a short time.

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