Lithium-ion battery electrolytes in the application of electric vehicles

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Lithium-ion battery electrolytes in the application of electric vehicles

Currently includes the Toyota Prius hybrid cars, including use of nickel-metal hydride batteries, but the effectiveness of the battery technology is considered to the limit, while the lithium-ion batteries have a small light-weight, high capacity, high output power advantages, such as has been North America, Europe and Asia, auto makers favor, is expected in the field of lithium-ion rechargeable battery will gradually replace the nickel-metal hydride batteries. According to statistics, as of October 2006 until more than 20 countries have the world's major depot for lithium-ion battery research and development, while Toyota, Ford and other carmakers are clear that the future of its hybrid vehicles will use lithium-ion rechargeable battery.

According to Yano Economic Research Institute predicted that lithium-ion rechargeable battery with commercial hybrid vehicle (HEV) will debut around 2010. The future, as oil and other non-renewable resources, the increasing high tension Jiqijiage Wei Chi, Yi Ji Huanbaoyaoqiu of Ti Gao, HEV's market will continue to expand Tongshi lithium Ye will start in 2011 gradually Tidai battery,  in 2015 Li Li Zi rechargeable batteries in the automotive market, the proportion will increase rapidly to 15%, the market size of RMB 100 billion yen, while the 2020 lithium ion rechargeable battery in the car market will be further increased to 30-40%. In addition, lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicle on the demand for lithium-ion electrolyte up to hundreds of kg / vehicle, electric vehicle market, the rapid development of lithium-ion electrolyte industry will bring a new leap.


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