Luxembourg to develop CIGS 12% efficient solar cells

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Luxembourg to develop CIGS 12% efficient solar cells

Institute of the University of Luxembourg has developed a solar cell conversion efficiency of 12% of the CIGS (Cu, In, Ga, Se) solar cell (in English published data). The Institute is located at the University of Luxembourg in TDK's industry-university collaborative research project "TDK Europe Professorship", under the framework established in April 2007. Mainly engaged in new solar cell materials and manufacturing process development.

In order to improve solar cell conversion efficiency of the Institute, has developed a thin film solar cells absorbing layer and isolation layer. The future will be in Berlin, Germany, Institute of Helmholtz-Zentrum Munchen develop solar cells using these layers.

In addition, the Institute has successfully developed a non-high In the solar cell. Manufacturing methods to reduce costs is used in the electroplating method. Conversion efficiency of 3.2%. According to the Institute introduced solar cells, using the same material of the solar cell conversion efficiency of 3.4% of the world record.

Mercury-free batteries can be discarded with the garbage

Reflected the public, Ms. Jiang: I do not throw in the unit called for employees of used batteries, and now has collected a lot. A lot of online searching recycling unit, but the basic is not closing the used batteries used in daily life, I do not know where to recycle?

Reply one: Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau to the staff, according to state regulations, the current regular shopping malls and supermarkets in Beijing, the general sales of batteries (disposable alkaline manganese batteries) is in line with the state environmental mercury-free batteries. State, "waste battery pollution control technology policy" in the proposed recovery technique in the absence of effective conditions, do not encourage centralized collection has reached the state requirements of low mercury or mercury-free disposable battery waste. According to Beijing can do the majority of solid waste decontamination and disposal of the case, these batteries can be with household waste.

Reply two: two clear environmental engineering company, Beijing, staff said, has focused on the used batteries collected, if 30 kg or more, you can contact the company registration, the company will send a car home for free recycling. Waste battery recycling hotline: 87500818.


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