Market demand of solar module production in short supply

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Market demand of solar module production in short supply

Thin film photovoltaic module manufacturer First Solar USA (First Solar) executives recently said that due to strong market demand, this year the production of solar modules will be unable to meet demand.

Solar power system solar modules is a key component. Although the world's largest solar market in Germany, plans to cut solar subsidies, could lead to solar modules in the third quarter, slowing demand. However, according to Reuters, First Solar is responsible for Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) (Stephan Hansen) to the media that the fourth quarter, the business may be a strong rebound.

Hansen said: "This year we will be unable to produce enough solar modules to meet the demand." Solar modules for the first half of 2010, business is good. Germany is scheduled July 1 cut solar subsidies, and had a high number of orders for solar modules.

German parliament last week voted against the cut solar subsidies, but the Government said the plan is to cut solar subsidies will be postponed, the future of solar energy subsidy reduction policies will have retrospective effect.

Hansen pointed out that Germany's solar subsidies in 2011 will fall again. Suntech, Yingli, Trina and other major Chinese manufacturers also suggests the current product has been sold out.

Hansen said that if Germany planned to stop subsidizing agricultural systems, solar power systems business will certainly be transferred to other European countries. In addition, the U.S. market has great potential, the Middle East, Africa, China, India also has a good momentum of development.

World Energy Commission: China's wind power and solar power the world's leading

World Energy Council Secretary General Christopher Frey on June 9 in Beijing that the Chinese have been in a lot of energy is a world leader, such as nuclear energy and coal energy, in terms of renewable origin is the world's largest investment countries, China's wind power and solar power technology has greatly reduced the world's wind power and solar power costs.

Frey is a high-level interviews in the World Energy Council to make the statements. World Energy Council is the world's only global coverage of a public domain and private sector energy organizations in 90 countries and regions with more than 3,000 branches, the main activities include the organization of the World Energy Congress and in the technical, R & D and policy aspects of the situation on the world energy forecast.

In China's new energy to renewable energy, Frey said that China's wind power and solar power technology has been a world leader, and China's participation to reduce the world's wind power and solar power costs. China's smart grid technology is also expected to develop a number of large projects, electronic transport, electron flow, the development of electronic vehicle has a huge demand for smart grid, how to manage these needs and to promote the development of smart grid is worth further study.

North-South gap in the energy, namely the development of new energy sources in developing countries do not have a lot of needed capital and technology issues, Frey that developing countries have the advantage of energy, because innovation often occurs in is in the urbanization countries rather than the process of urbanization in the country has ended, innovation means the opportunity to export and development opportunities.

Mexico is currently the world's attention on the oil spill, Frei said the World Energy Council is an active interest in the matter, especially in the event of future energy policy. "Although there are global standards for the safe operation of oil and gas fields, but not well executed. Shall designate an agency responsible for enforcing safety standards to avoid the next crisis," Frey said.

Shelved after making battery recycling waste pollution

The Voice of China "CNR news" 13:35 reported cost low-return, making recycling of waste batteries just like chicken.

Although China's mercury-free batteries have not focused on recycling, but many environmentalists are still voluntary collection of used batteries. However, recovery after the disposal has become a problem. At present, the manner of disposal is to focus on the use of landfill, 1,000 yuan per ton processing fee, which makes a lot of the old battery recycling after shelved.

Bank of Ningbo Battery Co., Ltd. Chief Engineer high and one soldier told reporters that they cause pollution:

You collect a bunch of years, lost the sun and rain in the yard, take the battery with the positive and negative short-circuit, short circuit on the increased leakage, it is certainly better than one to which pollution more serious.

Ningbo Environmental Protection Bureau Director of the Centre Xiexiao Cheng said, is a centralized landfill same trouble:

After lying buried is troublesome thing, a no place, to how to do a re-laid, high cost of battery recycling, refining it, then cost you more harm than good.

China's annual consumption of the battery at least 5 billion, although the used batteries and other parts of the metal shell has a re-use value, but the technology is limited, making the low rate of return used batteries just like tasteless, tasteless gesture.

Ningbo Environmental Protection Agency Solid Waste Management Center director Tang Wenbiao: You make it close up separately, it may consume more resources. You have to put manpower and resources, you have to use electric energy.


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