Microsoft polarity battery technology development

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Microsoft polarity battery technology development

You have to install a battery in electronic devices is not often encounter the battery installed backwards problem? Recently developed a technology Microsoft can solve this problem, they announced Thursday of a called InstaLoad technology, the use of this technology, people can create in the installation of positive and negative points without batteries. And the famous Duracell battery manufacturers have also expressed their willingness to contract to buy the technology. According Durcell company said, using the technology, the original battery production technology does not require large changes, while the technology also can be applied to CR123, AA, AAA, C and D size batteries and other products.

At first glance, this technology do not seem great place, it does not carry out what the nature of the reform of the battery, but it is ideal for special occasions, such as more serious in the dark or in the surrounding environment, or need quick-change battery occasions. Can be said that this technology can greatly facilitate battery or user.

It is reported that Microsoft will soon be opening up the patent license, in addition to the free license to the patent will be available to people with disabilities who use the battery device. Microsoft said the technology is for those users who frequently need to replace the battery developed.

As part of the licensing agreement, Microsoft asked to be authorized by the manufacturer of the device must be marked on the shell InstaLoad mark, while Microsoft will be reported to those interested in developing devices that have this feature free of developer features demo prototype.

Wang: BYD on a 5-year battery warranty

Today, we gather Pengcheng, witness Shenzhen private purchase of new energy vehicles in the pilot launch. BYD Auto as a new energy vehicles to do business representatives invited to speak, we feel honored. In this, I wish all the leaders, all guests and media friends to express my sincere thanks!

Value Shenzhen private purchase of new energy vehicles started the ceremony the occasion of the pilot, sync to the Shenzhen BYD F3DM low-carbon version of the luxury market dual-mode electric vehicle. Through the pre-market trading, F3DM low carbon version of the market reflects the good, the performance targets were met or exceeded the design level. The launch of the luxury F3DM low carbon version of the original configuration and on the basis of a dual system upgrade, to enjoy the dual central and local government subsidies, the sale price from 169,800 down to 89,800!

BYD e6 electric vehicles into operation in Shenzhen, since the taxi market, its excellent quality performance and excellent service guarantees are the operators and drivers have widely recognized. Now, BYD is increasing F3DM dual electric cars and e6 electric car, based on the technical level, the vertical integration of business excellence through the ability to increase research and development, fully protect the high quality and high security context, efforts to reduce the cost of new energy products, vehicles, and gradually increase the intensity of the F3DM expansion, so that more consumers to buy from, starting with a new energy vehicles.

As the first province to implement new energy businesses operating in the automotive market, BYD to respond positively to the country's new energy vehicle development strategy requires not only full payment of government subsidies to consumers, but the core components of the battery to provide 5 or 10 million km of quality assurance, and operations continue to strengthen with the qualifications of the service shop for the sale of pre-and post-sales training to ensure that users purchase and use of new energy vehicles can experience the process more convenient and comfortable, enjoy a more complete attentive service. At present, Shenzhen, BYD 4S shops are all the new energy vehicles capable of providing good technical personal sales and service support.

Future, BYD's dream will extend to new energy sources more fields, will use more "green strategy" to resolve the traditional provider of energy solutions to global environmental pollution and economic problems. Technology is king, innovation-oriented, BYD will be more productive with technology innovation to benefit mankind, the glory of the world!

Thanks again for all levels of government, community strength and support of friends in the media, I hope you continue to support the development of BYD Auto, support the new energy automotive industry's growth and expansion! Thank you!


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