Microsoft wants Xbox to use in medicine

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This article via: Microsoft wants Xbox to use in medicine

Microsoft wants Xbox to use in medicine

You should spend in patient hospital rooms. In addition, the division is working on HealthVault mobile applications. They should collect patient data in everyday life and give tips for healthy eating.

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Microsoft is investigating the possibility of Xbox 360 game consoles of the type to use in hospitals. There they could read electronic patient data and filter and make it visible on screens in the hospital room for nursing staff and patients. This has Microsoft announced at an event of its Health Care Division Health Vault in Beijing.

Microsoft engineer Desney Tan that the consoles are cheaper than those usually used for that purpose hardware. In addition, patients could be playing or access the Internet ¨C possibly with gestures on the next input system Natal.

Microsoft¡¯s health services are developing also in other directions. So will you give patients the tools with which they identify their calorie intake by cell phone or count their steps. They too should be able to easily access their medical records. MyLife thus uses the tool that runs on Windows Mobile smartphones, embedded devices such as cameras, motion sensor and microphone to capture data such as blood pressure or weight and to log activities such as sports and eating.

Eric Chang, manager of Microsoft Asia, says he dream that users retrieve information about their food ¨C calories, nutrients contained, risks for allergy sufferers ¨C because of a photograph could. As a first step, he imagines tags, which could provide themselves food. It is natural for plants from the garden, hard by a farmers market or grocery store. But if there is no other just as McDonald¡¯s dining area there, the user can then at least monitor the deterioration of his physical condition.

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