More than 51 years of Chinese solar cell technology development A

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More than 51 years of Chinese solar cell technology development A

From 1958 China began to develop the first piece of crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells has now been through half a century. PV experts, Solar Energy Research Institute, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Rong-Qiang Cui told reporters: "China also experienced solar cells from scratch, from space to the ground, from the military to the public, small to large, from single species to multiple species and the photoelectric conversion efficiency from low to high the difficult and glorious history. "

According to statistics, from 2002 to now, China's solar cell production soared by 77 times. In 2008, China's solar cell production accounts for about one-third of world output for two consecutive years to become the world's largest solar cell producer.

1839 French physicist Henri Becquerel discovered the photovoltaic effect for the first time; 1954 Bell Labs made the first silicon solar cell; 1983, California established the United States was the world's largest solar power plant ... ... human the sun has never stopped chasing the pace.

Completed in 1969 developed silicon solar battery

In 1958, China developed the first silicon block

Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Semiconductors, Chinese Academy of Sciences Researcher Wang Zhanguo, told reporters: "The United States pulled out in 1957 around the first block of silicon, also developed in China in 1958, the first block of silicon, then the newly established Institute of Physics Semiconductor Research officially began the development of solar cells. "

Initially, the batteries are mainly used to develop the field of space. From 1958 to 1965, developed by the PN semiconductor junction cell efficiency by leaps and bounds, 10 Ă— 20mm cell efficiency stabilized at 15% or less with the international standards.

1968 and 1969 by the end of the semiconductor assumed to "Practice 1 satellite" development and production of silicon solar panels the task. In the study, researchers found, P + / N silicon solar cells in space single encounter when running electronic radiation, causing the battery decay, so that the battery can not long operate in space.

Thus, including 6-member team, including Wang Zhanguo started satellite radiation effects in silicon solar cell research, experiment, due to immature technology, obsolete equipment, causing serious electronic Zhanguo right hand burns, he has been suffering from this, Until the summer of 1978 have eased skin grafting. Reporter noted academician Wang Zhanguo some black on the back of his right hand fold, this is the great care the older generation of scientists dedicated to the scientific mark.

After painstaking research, the experimental results a huge surprise to the researchers. Academician Wang Zhanguo, NP junction silicon solar cells the ability of anti-electron irradiation than the PN junction silicon cells a few times great! Subsequently, the semiconductor silicon PN battery will be made to put into production NP shape the decision to produce the 5690 NP junction silicon solar cells, which meet the requirements of space applications finished 3350, successfully completed the "Practice 1" satellite in solar panels of the development, production tasks. Practice No. 1 of 1971 was launched during the period in the life of 8 years, solar power less than 15% decline down the project in 1978 by the National Science Conference Award for significant results.


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